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Online training | Back to basics

These training sessions will be presented by members of our customer experience team, and will help you discover even more ways to get the most out of your data.

All sessions will be held at 2pm British local time. 



Session descriptions 

Oct 22


Phocas 101: presented by customer success consultant, Hollie Harrison 

For everyday users looking to expand their use of Phocas and work smarter with data. 
This session covers how to: 
  • customise your Phocas experience
  • have the right data at hand to effectively sell 
  • use data to manage everyday business success 
  • understand your business performance across multiple data streams (i.e. sales vs budget)

Nov 19


Phocas extras: presented by customer success consultant, Jonny Notman 

Dive deeper into your data than ever before. This session covers how to: 
  • easily identify gaps and opportunities across your customer channels 
  • measure performance against key metrics 
  • build targeted customer lists 
  • create graphs and charts that represent key business levels. 

Dec 17


Dashboards: presented by customer support analyst, Jeevan Johal 

Apply your Phocas knowledge and visualise data in a dashboard session. 
Learn how to: 
  • tailor dashboards to your needs
  • summarise an entire database in a single interface 
  • create an overarching view of your business that can be accessed anytime, anywhere