In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how business intelligence software is assisting automotive businesses analyze sales, identify product and customer trends,  generate business reports and monitor margins. 

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Webinar Timeline:

Intro: 0:00 -3:59

Issue 1 – We carry out thousands of sales transactions every day. I need to quickly identify where they occur, and react to increases or declines in customer spend. 3:59 – 6:40

Issue 2 – How do I identify trends among customers and products? 6:45 -10:00

Issue 3 – How to make sure your customers are buying all they need to buy. The principle of cross-selling 10:00 – 14:51

Issue 4 – The competition is placing major pressure on prices and my margins are suffering. How can I monitor margins? 14:51 – 19:30

Issue 5 – Monitoring cash management is essential but even more so when my margins are restricted. 19:33 – 22:20

Issue 6 – I have so many different items in stock, I spend hours calculating my rotations. Can BI help me in that area? 22:25 -25:22

Issue 7 – My IT team has limited hours and resources and generating reports takes time. If we ask further questions about the data, it’s difficult for them to provide a quick answer, or sometimes any answer at all. 26:00 – 31: 20

Issue 8 - How can I identify the reasons behind returns? 31:20 – 35:03

Issue 9 - Each branch is responsible for its own purchasing. I need to see who is doing what and if I can negotiate better discounts with my vendors. 35:04 – 35:37

Conclusion: 35:37 -37:21

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