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    Best business intelligence software blogs in 2019

    Thanks to our regular business intelligence software blog readers and those people who swing by when the topic piques your interest. We aim to provide a balance of behind-the-scenes stories at Phocas, profiles of how customers use our business intelligence software, industry news and what's coming next for the product.

    We want to add value to the way you approach your job role, industry, and data source, by suggesting new ways you can use the data your business generates. We know that many businesses have data that, if analysed, can shed light on new opportunities to increase revenue and cut costs. We hope that by reading our blog articles, you have decided to act on your data and align with your business strategy .

    The top 8 business intelligence software blogs of 2019

    Our analytics tell us that in 2019, you – our readers – have tuned in often to read what we post. Here are eight blogs that have stood out with strong readership numbers.

    1. How to overcome reporting challenges in your business 

    The blog outlines solutions to the challenges of static reporting, excessive time spent on reporting, combining different data sources and lack of mobile data access.

    2. How does business intelligence software help with forecasting?

    We describe how business Intelligence software can assist businesses in shaping growth strategies and  increase the efficiency and effectiveness of forecasting.

    3. How to build a dynamic dashboard and stay on top of your KPIs.

    You don’t need to be technical to create a powerful dashboard in Phocas and benefit from visualizing your business data.

    4. Phocas' constructive culture is a winner

    Phocas staff are happier, more capable and more collaborative in 2019 than three years prior.

    5. Chairman's update 

    Everyone likes knowing where a company is headed and what has been achieved for the year.

    6. Phocas vs Microsoft Power BI

    More often business people are reviewing Phocas against Microsoft Power BI but those who choose Phocas are more satisfied with the product, vendor support and ease of use.

    7. 5 important characteristics of an effective KPI

    What KPIs matter? More business people want to align KPIs with company strategy.

    8. When intuition can help with the decision-making process

    Myles Glashier, the Phocas co-founder and co-CEO wrote a series of blogs this year about the psychology of decision-making. In this blog, he explains the pre-mortem technique which encourages people to share their intuition before a project gets started to identify potential risks and issues upfront.

    We hope you have had a productive year, and we look forward to sharing more new and exciting content with you in 2020. 

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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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