2018 has been another great year for the Phocas Software blog with many new subscribers reading about data analysis and insights.

When we create content, we always aim to be informative. We want to add value to the way you understand your job role, industry, and data source, by suggesting ways you can use the data your business already has. We know that many businesses have data that, if analysed, could shed light on new opportunities to increase revenue and cut costs. We hope that by reading our blog articles, you may have gotten an idea of how this applies to your business.

The top data analytics articles of 2018

Our analytics tell us that in 2018, you – our readers – have turned up in big numbers to read what we post. In particular, there are five blogs that have stood out with impressive readership numbers.

Stock coverage: Do you have enough?

This blog discusses the particular metrics that might be relevant to your business when measuring stock coverage, and how you might go about measuring these.

The top 7 key performance indicators for CEOs and executives

This eBook preview introduces the need for data-driven performance measurement, and how you might go about identifying the most important KPIs. The eBook then further goes on to discuss specific executive KPIs.

How to measure stock on hand, over stock, under stock and dead stock quickly and simply

This blog takes four specific metrics relevant to those in inventory, purchasing and operations, and shows you how you can easily measure them in Phocas.

Business intelligence vs. ERP: Which tool is better?

This blog discusses the key similarities and differences between an ERP system and a business intelligence solution.

Delivery in full on time: Why it matters and how you can improve

This blog discusses how your business can measure the metrics contributing to your DIFOT metric, and how you can go about improving your DIFOT.

We hope you have had a productive year, and we look forward to sharing more new and exciting content with you in 2019. 

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