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    BI reporting helps Jurox consolidate and visualize data

    Jurox is a family owned Australian animal health company involved in the research, production, and marketing of animal health products for both domestic and export markets. Jurox identified a need for a dedicated business intelligence solution to manage its reporting function across the sales, marketing, and R&D divisions. The company decided on Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) powered by Phocas because of its simple integration with the Epicor ERP and BI reporting capabilities.

    BI reporting improves efficacy and speed of data consolidation

    Prior to the implementation of EDA, the company’s business analyst dealt with masses of data from separate sources—all in different formats. This data had to be manually collated and then transformed into reports for the two different segments of the business—the production animal pharmaceutical portfolio for cattle, pigs, and sheep, and the companion animal portfolio used to treat dogs and cats. The reporting process was time-consuming, and more often than not, the reports didn’t meet the continually shifting demands of the users.

    “The reports were not solving problems but sparking more questions, and to answer these ongoing queries, I’d have to go back to the source data and find the information or detail that the sales managers or product managers were interested in,” explained Dorota Bragg, the company’s business analyst.
    “It was a labour intensive process, and I had to use a number of different tools to analyse the different datasets.
    EDA enables Jurox to sync data from different sources into the same platform so everyone can work from
    a single source of truth. This allows Bragg to concentrate on analysis instead of the lengthy process of gathering data and cross-checking and reformatting it. This also ensures that creating useful, accurate reports is now a simple process.

    BI reporting that everyone can use

    Security is easily defined in EDA, and Bragg can tailor access to the dataset according to a user’s needs. “I can give power to the user but also restrict access where necessary,” she said.
    “End users can safely use the data and explore areas that they are interested in.”

    Jurox has 35 EDA users across the business. This includes management, sales and marketing managers, sales
    representatives, portfolio managers for companion animals and production animals, and one user in the
    R&D team—a generic user who accesses pharmaceutical industry data. Users can view data in many ways and
    save different queries to their favourites.

    People don’t need to request a new report when they want to compare what they see with something new or
    to answer their questions. They can do it themselves by building their own queries. Sales managers can review monthly sales across territories, or sale reps can access specific activity like monthly veterinary sales by postcode for a specific medicine.

    Product innovations are also being measured with the help of EDA. A recent example was reviewing the
    market uptake of the new preserved Alfaxan®Multidose Anaesthetic Injection in comparison to the original Alfaxan® Anaesthetic Injection and measuring the percentage of market penetration within the product range.


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    Interactive dashboards are a key feature of BI reporting

    A differentiating feature of EDA is the interactive dashboard,” said Bragg. “The dashboards are easy to build and a simple way to filter sales data by country, by product or product group, by portfolio, by year, by sales rep, or by customer.”
    Dashboards are easy to understand as the information is presented as graphs or charts. Many in the Jurox management team like the dynamic dashboards because they provide a snapshot of the key metrics most relevant to them, and managers can act on variances in data more readily or quickly alert others to the changes that they have identified.

    BI reporting allows data analyst to grow her role

    The data analytics solution has enabled the business analyst to “grow” the role. Bragg now has the free time to provide more value to the business through deeper analysis and on-boarding others to EDA. 
    Jurox intends to add more data into EDA—including inventory figures—and will integrate the CRM platform to create an easy link between customer records and sales figures.
    To learn more about how BI Reporting can help your distribution download this free eBook, The future of distribution.


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