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    Phocas ranks top in world's largest business intelligence software review

    We are excited to announce that we have been ranked top in 8 categories and a leader in 15 categories in independent software analyst, BARC BI’s annual business intelligence software review

    forecasting business intelligencePhocas outperformed industry titans Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos TM1 & Microsoft Excel to rank 1st in categories including:

    1. Performance satisfaction 
    2. Product satisfaction
    3. Implementer support
    4. Customer satisfaction
    5. Business benefits 
    6. Price-to-value perception
    7. Project success 
    8. Recommendation

    The BARC BI 15 survey received 3,267 responses and was completed by users of 35 business intelligence software products.

    “Our customers have ranked us the #1 BI software company for the areas that really matter. Our customers receive massive benefits from Phocas and these results are testament to that. I’m immensely proud we have been ranked best for performance, product and support”, Phocas Co-Founder Myles Glashier said.

    “Phocas Software’s goal is to help businesses use data to transform decision making and increase their profits, efficiency and effectiveness. Our customers have told us they are looking for an easy to use BI tool to make sense of their data. The alignment between our business goals and our customers’ goals allows us to deliver a BI tool which helps customers achieve real results.”

    Phocas Software's industry leading price-to-value perception rating demonstrates that Phocas is the leading BI tool on a cost to benefit ratio. 

    "Our core focus is on mid-market manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and retail businesses and these companies often have a limited budget for a data analytics tool. Our BARC 15 results reveal that we are providing outstanding value to our customers.” Glashier said.

    From easy-to-read dashboards to the renowned lightning-fast grid, everything is designed for non-technical people. It means even the most detailed transactions can be completed in a few simple clicks. Phocas software can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, and most users keep it close at hand on a mobile device.

    Founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom, Phocas now serves thousands of international customers. In the 2014/2015 financial year, Phocas recorded a 27% year-on-year revenue growth and a 97% customer retention rate.

    Phocas Software is developed in Australia and its head office is located in Coventry, UK.

    To download the full ratings for Phocas Software in BARC BI 2015, click here or the button below.barc-business-intelligence-software-review

    View the Report - Phocas  in BARC BI 2018

    Written by Myles Glashier
    Myles is the co-founder and CEO of Phocas.
    Myles is the co-founder and CEO of Phocas.

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