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    Data consolidation across Litex Industries enables strategic decision-making

    Litex Industries Limited is an extensive electrical products wholesaler located in Texas, USA. After the recent merger and acquisition growth, there are now 11 companies in the corporate family. To manage the challenges of multiple ERP systems across multiple divisions, Litex’s CIO turned to Phocas data analytics. Starting with the group's sales data, Phocas brings all ERP and vendor POS into a single source of truth. Business data is critical for the sales company, so using Phocas for data consolidation has enabled fast strategic decision-making in the sales leadership team.

    Litex Industries Limited has 100 employees across all of its locations. Ken Lauder is the first Chief Information Officer appointed to the group to manage the challenges of multiple ERP systems across multiple divisions, amplified by the growth of the company.

    “So far Phocas has helped me a lot to get the companies aligned on reporting and analytical strategies,” explains Lauder.

    “Our business data is critical. We are in the sales industry so we have to move fast. The sales team relies on looking at trends, analyzing sales programs to determine what’s working and what’s not so they can react,”says Lauder.


    Litex uses Phocas to analyze Infor SX and JD Edwards (Oracle) ERP data sources as well comparing vendor point of sale data with its own sales information. Lauder also has plans to add finance and purchasing data into Phocas.

    “Sales leadership has been able to make strategic decisions a lot faster than they have in the past. And Phocas makes me feel like a leader,” says Lauder.

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