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    Electrical supplier leverages data across its business to improve performance

    Parrish-Hare is an electrical products supplier for commercial and industrial construction across Texas. The company is data-driven so everybody uses data analytics to access business information in real time, 'to see where they're at and where they’re going' on a daily basis. Electrical distribution is competitive, so by leveraging data, everyone makes more valuable decisions, this is turn serves customers better from ensuring stock is always available to meeting delivery deadlines.

    Kevin Talbert, is the Director of Inventory Control at Parrish-Hare electrical supply and he says all parts of the business are using Phocas data analytics.

    “We all leverage our data with Phocas. In the warehouse we run Radio Frequency Scanners that use a wireless network to communicate with the Phocas system in order to transfer information to the database. Phocas helps us monitor what the warehouse guys are picking and pulling, what stuff we are receiving all the time,”says Talbert.

    The finance team use Phocas to monitor financial performance in real time. The sales team is now paid sales commissions from the commissions database in Phocas so all data is interconnected.


    Phocas is touching all parts of the company.  In my day to day,  I am purchasing and buying material, keeping the shelves full. I also turn over deadstock and send these products back out to where they can be utilised effectively,”explains Talbert.

    Talbert is a whiz at dashboards so he helps people to set-up their own dashboards  so they are are up to date with everything.

    Parrish-Hare has been in business for nearly 40 years and data has grown in importance over this time.

    “It’s now very important for an electrical supplier of our size to be able access business data in real time, and see where we are and where we are going daily,” says Talbot.

    Using Phocas makes me feel like I provide more value to my company and the whole team can make more valuable decisions.

    For more information on using data analytics software to have full visibility of a your business download the ebook,  Harness your data.

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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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