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    Have you read these popular business intelligence eBooks?

    At Phocas, we have over 15 years of experience working with manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. We understand the challenges that sales managers, IT leaders and executives face. As a result, we have created a number of free eBooks full of valuable information based on our experience working with companies like yours

    Today, we’ll review a few of our most popular eBooks.

    Top 7 KPIs and Metrics for CEOs and Executives

    In today’s dynamic marketplace, it is essential that companies remain innovative to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Data and analytics are critical to strategic decision-making and evaluating business results. As more companies adopt business intelligence (BI), the companies that don’t will be left behind. A vital component to remaining on the cutting edge is the ability to identify and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company.

    KPIs provide a clear picture of your overall performance in all areas, from sales and marketing to inventory and purchasing. In our eBook, Top 7 KPIs and Metrics for Executives, we share our knowledge of seven essential KPIs. In addition, we also guide you in how to identify the key KPIs for your business. With the right KPIs in place, your company will have the agility necessary to respond to today’s rapidly changing market conditions.

    Click the image below to learn the KPIs you need to track.


    10 Metrics Every Sales Manager Must Know and Measure

    BI has transformed the measurement of sales. Now sales managers can evaluate their team’s sales over time, perform a gap analysis, detect new opportunities, and more. Top sales managers know the secret to success is through the use of the right measurements.

    In our eBook 10 metrics every sales manager must know and measure, we outline the most important metrics for sales evaluation. In the eBook, we’ll discuss metrics related to your sales pipeline, revenue, forecast accuracy, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, closure rates, and more.  At Phocas, we know that tracking and measuring the right metrics will empower sales managers to make proactive, insightful, and strategic decisions to ensure your company remains at the head of the pack.

    Download your copy by clicking the image below.


    The Past, Present and Future of Business Intelligence

    In the 60s, BI consisted of reports of transactional data processing. It wasn’t until 1989 that the term ‘business intelligence’ or ‘BI’ was coined by Howard Dresner, an industry analyst. Today’s BI is much more than an application, it’s about gathering all of your data, storing it in a data warehouse, and accessing it so that it can be analyzed for better decision making.

    BI technology has changed dramatically in the past five years. It is now easy-to-use, even for nontechnical employees, in all departments across the entire company. In addition to being user-friendly, the data is available in real-time as opposed to the traditional day's long wait time for IT generated static reports. BI allows users to follow their train of thought through all of the data, including grids, visualizations, and dashboards to discover new opportunities or quick resolutions to potential issues.

    Today’s BI is also affordable, quickly implemented and integrates with existing internal systems. In our eBook: The past, present and future of business intelligence, we not only review the history of BI, but we also explore the numerous features of BI and how it benefits the businesses of today.

    Get your copy by clicking the image below.


    At Phocas, we know you are strapped for time and resources, so much like our BI solution; we have designed our eBooks to quickly provide you with the information you need to help guide your decision-making so you achieve and maintain your greatest success.

    See how Phocas BI works in our quick product demonstration, and how it can benefit you.

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    Written by Phocas Software
    We make people feel good about data
    We make people feel good about data

    Top 7 KPIs and metrics for mid-market executives

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