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    How do you feel about data?

    Data means many things to different people. How does data make you feel? Does it keep you up at night because it’s not solving problems but sparking more questions. Or do you prefer to put data in the too hard basket because you believe the cost of storing, securing, analyzing and sharing it outways the business benefit. Perhaps you feel completely in control of your data and turn to it for every decision. Does accurate and timely data help you know what's happening in your business and be an empowered leader? Phocas asked several general managers, finance and IT professionals and purchasing and inventory folk how they feel about data. Here's what they said….


    Many thanks to these Phocas customers (in order of appearance) for sharing their experiences with data across their company. Click on the links for more in-depth case studies.

    Nicola Harris, Financial Planner and Analyst, ConvaTec, Australia
    Michael Hayes - General Manager Operations, Kincrome, Australia
    Warren McMartin, Group Managing Director, Sydney Auto Parts Equipment - Australia
    Kevin Talbert, Director of Inventory Control, Parrish-Hare - USA
    Emma Russ, IT Technician, Arran Isle Limited - United Kingdom
    Terry Fagan, ICT Operations Manager, Hairhouse - Australia
    Nathan Bluett, ICT Manager, Islands Petroleum - Australia
    Priyan Dhutia, Operations Director, B.I. Europe Ltd (Harrisons Sauces) - United Kingdom
    Gordon Howell, Data Engineer, Locksmith Supply Company - Australia
    Chris Douglas, National Channel Manager, uvex - Australia
    Vinod Devarapalli, Commercial Administration Manager, ICU medical - Australia
    Ingrid Vanlangenberg, Finance Systems Manager, Whiting Holdings - Australia
    Colin Rivett, Commercial Director, CQR Security Ltd – United Kingdom
    Menno Veeneklaas, Director, Allegro Funds - Australia
    Ken Lauder, CIO, Litex Industries - USA

    To learn more about feeling good about data download this eGuide: Building the case for data analytics 

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    Written by Phocas Software
    We make people feel good about data
    We make people feel good about data

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