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    CAPS LOCK – it’s hard to believe that the little guy that sits to the left of the A key is famous. So famous in fact that he has a day named after him. Yes, you heard it right - International Caps Lock Day is a recognised day celebrated twice a year – on June 28 and October 22.

    If your social media feeds are ablaze with people typing in caps, you now know the reason why. According to the Huffington Post, International Caps Lock Day is hardly a new phenomenon. It has taken the world by storm since it began in the year 2000 and it has been celebrated every year since.

    Hmmm, so my mother wasn’t upset with me back in June.

    For the tech savvy among us, the humble Caps Lock key can cause a stir for those on the receiving end. Have you ever been involved in an online discussion and felt disbelief, shock or disgust after someone directed a written missile at you in full caps? It certainly doesn’t feel good – that’s if you take the time to interpret what was said.

    It got me thinking – why do people feel a need to type with Caps Lock selected?


    Perhaps some people write full sentences in capitals because they are angry, some people may do it because they are lazy and some people may use capitals to make what they say sound factual and important. Who needs university when pressing Caps Lock can give us the persuasion, reasoning and debating skills we need to present our point of view?

    International Caps Lock Day joins many other days celebrated across the year including World Tourism Day and World Migratory Bird Day. This raises several questions in itself. Is using Caps Lock accepted in certain countries around the world? Can birds talk in Caps?

    Unless you can enlighten me in the comments below, I’ll have to wait at least one more year to solve this mystery.

    Before I go, I guess it’s fitting that I end this blog with a shout out to BARC BI 2016, the world’s largest business intelligence software survey. We ranked #1 in 16 categories. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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