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    Webinar: The Past, Present and Future of Business Intelligence

    Are you being smart about your business intelligence?

    On November 19  and November 26, join Phocas Software Co-Founder and Executive Myles Glashier as he presents an exclusive webinar on BARC BI 2014 and the Past, Present and Future of Business Intelligence.


    The ability to learn facts and skills and apply them


    The business intelligence (BI) landscape is gaining momentum. Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and what you don’t know about smart BI solutions can set you and your company back, resulting in inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and sales shortfalls. Phocas can simplify the process, give your business a better understanding of what you can and should expect from a BI system and help you get on the road to a smarter approach to business intelligence today.

    Past-Present-Future-BI-blogJoin us for this free live webinar with Entreprenuer & Co-Founder of Phocas Software Myles Glashier  as he discusses trends and best practices in today’s BI arena and provides expert insights on where BI is heading to help you prepare for successful growth and a prosperous future.

    Webinar Topic: BARC BI 2014 and The Past, Present and Future of Business Intelligence

    Host: Phocas, a leading global provider of business intelligence software and solutions, recently rated #1 in 13 different categories and identified as a leader in 26 others in the ‘BARC BI 2014,’ the world’s largest business intelligence software survey


    EDIT: The on-demand webinar recording can now be accessed by clicking here, or on the button below.
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    Written by Myles Glashier
    Myles is the co-founder and CEO of Phocas.
    Myles is the co-founder and CEO of Phocas.

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