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    Phocas adds MCLOUD3 to its partner roster

    Phocas Software welcomes MCLOUD3, a new reseller to its partner team. MCLOUD3 is an experienced software business working across ERP, CRM and business intelligence solutions. MCLOUD3 is also an independent consultant for NetSuite users. Together, MCLOUD3 and Phocas will identify opportunities to expand the awareness of the business intelligence software among mid-market manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

    Michael Drury, president of MCLOUD3 sums up the decision to partner with Phocas as “What we like the most about Phocas is how easy it is for the end user."

    “Phocas is flexible, has an intuitive user interface, and the analytics, reporting and data visualization provide valuable insight to help decision makers use data to guide their strategy and planning. Given our experience in the industries that Phocas already targets, a focus on expanding the awareness of Phocas just made sense.” 

    “What we like the most about Phocas is
    how easy it is for the end user."
    Michael Drury, President of MCLOUD3

    Phocas Software provides data analytics for the entire business, including financial reporting and budgeting and forecasting modules that extend business intelligence to users across the company. Phocas delivers out-of-the-box integrations with a number of industry leading ERP systems such as NetSuite, providing users with a single interface to seamlessly manage their business data and reporting.

    “It did not take long for Michael and MCLOUD3 to recognize the advantages that Phocas offers customers,” said Jay Deubler, president of Phocas U.S.

    “The ability to get data analytics and reporting into the hands of people of all skill levels and job functions is critical to business success, and Phocas has always put the user experience first. Michael brings valuable knowledge and industry experience that will help us continue to expand our reach across the U.S.” 

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    We make people feel good about data
    We make people feel good about data

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