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    Phocas BI vs Domo (user reviews from BARC's The BI Survey 17) 

    BARC surveyed 3,066 BI software users for its annual study, comparing 42 leading BI vendors across 29 different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The survey was designed to help readers of the study identify winners and losers in business value, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, customer experience and innovation. 

    Data is becoming critical to nearly everyone’s job. The ability to find opportunities, recognize challenges before they impact the bottom line and make informed decisions is motivating more people to look at how data and analytics can improve their individual performance, and have a positive impact on their overall business outcomes. Business intelligence (BI) software is giving businesses a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced economy, and the winners may ultimately be those that use data and analytics the best. This is why selecting your BI software is a critical decision, and the reason that BARC’s The BI Survey 17 is an important resource for key decision makers.

    During the past several years, Phocas has performed well in the BARC survey, and in 2017, users ranked Phocas BI at the top of 24 different categories and as a leader in 22 others. 

     Among the vendors that are frequently compared to Phocas is Domo, a Utah-based software company. To better understand how we compare, let’s review the head-to-head scores across a few KPIs.

    A more complete overview of how Phocas compared to Domo in the BARC’s The BI Survey 17, is available by clicking the image below.


     Competitive Win Rate

    This KPI is important according to BARC because it’s important to recognize the products that companies should be evaluating based on how well they fared against their peers in competitive bids. “Eliminating the losers at an early stage is important.” An interesting note about the competitive bid process is that many large vendors products are often selected with “little or no evaluation.” This can inflate the win-rate compared to smaller, independent products. For this KPI however, Phocas was the clear winner, finishing with a score of 6.9 compared to Domo’s score of 1. While many BI software solutions are designed as universal solutions for everyone’s problems, we are focused on helping our customers across targeted to maximize the value of our software and their data.

    Product Satisfaction

    We support our competitive win rate with a strong commitment to product and customer satisfaction. The Product Satisfaction KPI indicates how many problems users encounter with the BI software. We have highly satisfied customers, indicated by our score in the KPI of a 9.8 compared to Domo’s score of 3.9. Unlike many tools that require specialized training and product experts, we try to keep BI simple. As we mentioned, data is becoming important to everyone’s job, so we built a solution that is accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or technical ability. The fact that sales reps can create their own dashboard, dig deep into transactional data and run their own reports without the support of IT may not seem like a radical idea, but when it comes to analytics, it is still far from the norm. Beyond our intuitive software, we built training and support programs that allows users to learn at their own pace and work their way increasingly advanced concepts and analysis.



    Once a prospective customer decides to deploy Phocas, they receive a high level of support, beginning with implementation and then carried forward with ongoing vendor support. The BI Survey 17 used several KPIs to measure support levels. The Implementer Support KPI measures user satisfaction with the level of support they receive when the product is installed and integrated into their infrastructure. BARC indicates this KPI is where vendors differentiate themselves. Phocas gave Phocas a score of 9.3 while Domo users gave the software vendor a 6.6.

    Following implementation, there is an expectation that customers will get support to help maximize their return on investment and ensure the product is performing as promised. For this KPI, Phocas scored 9.4 while Domo scored 7.9. We have built a customer support team whose entire focus is on helping customers use Phocas effectively. In addition, we have built the Phocas Academy, which offers dozens of self-guided tutorial-style videos that guide users through beginner to advanced concepts. And finally, we also offer the Phocas User Group forum where our users can learn from each other in a fully supported online community. 

     These are just a few of the KPIs that demonstrate how well Phocas performs head-to-head against Domo. For additional analysis across additional KPIs, download our highlights report.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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