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    Phocas BI vs SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (user reviews from BARC's The BI Survey 17) 

    The BI Survey 17 surveyed 3,066 people about 42 BI vendors across 29 different KPIs. The results suggest that perceived leadership does not always equate to reality, particularly among the people who actually use the software.

    SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is considered one of the leaders in the business intelligence market, and is backed by one of the largest enterprise software providers in the world. It is also one of 42 business intelligence software vendors, alongside Phocas, that was ranked in the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI users in 2017. The BI Survey 17 surveyed 3,066 people about 42 BI vendors across 29 different KPIs. The results suggest that perceived leadership does not always equate to reality, particularly among the people who actually use the software. When compared head-to-head against Phocas has a distinct advantage across a variety of Key Performance Indicators. This blog post will focus on how Phocas and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence performed against each other in a few of the KPIs.

     A comprehensive highlights report with additional KPIs is available by clicking here or on the image below


     There were 29 different KPIs that BI software users were asked to rank for the software they were most familiar with. When all was said and done, Phocas finished on top of 24 different KPI categories and named a leader in 22 others. While SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence may have more years of experience on Phocas, the results suggest that Phocas has a solution that has few problems, is more likely to be recommend by users, far superior vendor ad implementer support and a sales experience that is second to none.

     KPI 1 - Sales experience

    When it comes to the sales experience, Phocas has put a great deal of emphasis in making the purchasing decision fast and simple. Phocas was built to for people of all skill levels, so what immediately jumps out to people who are experiencing Phocas for the first time is how easy it is to understand and navigate the information presented on the screen. Our customers rank us high in sales experience for The BI Survey 17 because of our ability to understand their needs, assist with any evaluation or technical questions, and make Phocas and traditionally complex BI solutions accessible and easy to use. In the BARC survey, our users ranked Phocas BI a 9.5 while SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence received a 1.

     KPI 2 - Implementer support

    The high scores in the sales experience translate directly to our implementer support scores, which measures the satisfaction level with the implementation of our product. We built the sales experience around the accessibility and intuitive nature of our software. Our implementation team takes the same approach, oftentimes deploying Phocas BI in less time than anticipated and with an efficiency that customers appreciate. Our professional team does the bulk of the implementation, calling upon the customers’ IT in few situations. While the implementation is taking place, we quickly jump into training, allowing users to experiment with the software oftentimes before implementation is complete. In the BARC survey, Phocas scored a 9.3 on the implementer support KPI. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence once again scored a 1.

     KPI 3 - Product satisfaction  

    Our high sales experience and implementer support scores result in our equally high product satisfaction scores. In The BI Survey 17, our users gave us a score of 9.8 while SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence scored only a 1.9.

    KPI 4 - Recommendation

    The positive experience with our sales team, combined with our implementer support and an easy-to-use BI solution make for happy customers who are willing to recommend our software to others. Our Recommendation KPI score was 10 compared with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence score of 2.4. When looked at holistically, we outscored SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence across these four KPIs on average 9.65 to 1.575.

     Rodney Macnamara, general manager of Abcoe Distributors, provides a common reaction to Phocas BI: “Our initial impression was that it looked like a great tool, and we couldn’t imagine a better option for us. After a deeper dive, Phocas was definitely easy to use, and our team wouldn’t have to rely on the central office to get the reporting they needed. The biggest benefit, however, is the flexibility to drill down to the next level of data and set up standard ways to look at things. It just makes life easier.”

    BI should be easy to use, and since data is critical to every job function, it needs to be accessible to users of all skill levels and responsibilities. From the sales experience to our vendor support, we aim to curtail the barrier to entry to BI and our results suggest we are moving in the right direction.

    For additional head-to-head analysis on Phocas versus SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, download our highlights report.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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