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    [VIDEO] Phocas CRM and Business Intelligence – a powerful combination

    Phocas business intelligence (BI) is typically used to analyze data from ERP systems and spreadsheets. What happens when you add a particularly powerful CRM system into the mix? In this on-demand webinar, we explore how Phocas’ own CRM system can add value to your business.

    In this on-demand webinar, Phocas VP of Customer Success, Elizabeth LaBarbera, explores Phocas CRM and the powerful match between CRM and BI.

    Through Phocas CRM, sales reps and managers can easily log notes, make phone calls, send emails, and create tasks for follow up. Phocas CRM integrates seamlessly with Phocas Business Intelligence, allowing users to analyze sales trends, customers’ purchasing history, and identify missed opportunities which can quickly be translated into tasks.

    Watch the video below for more.

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    In this webinar you will learn:

    • What is Phocas?
    • Using dashboards in business intelligence
    • Create and open CRM activities from within Phocas BI
    • Analyze CRM data alongside data from other sources in BI
    • Use tasks, accounts, leads, and campaigns to record data and gain insights
    • Manage a sales team through the combination of BI and CRM in Phocas
    • Set up automated reports so you never miss out

    Would you like to see how your business could use Phocas CRM? Book a live demonstration by clicking here, or on the button below.

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    We make people feel good about data

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