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    Phocas vs. Domo

    Learn how Phocas compares to Domo in the world's largest independent review of business intelligence products.

    BARC’s The BI Survey 18 was released earlier this year with the feedback of more than 3,000 surveys of business intelligent software users. The annual survey is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI users, offering a comparative analysis of 36 BI vendors across 30 different key performance indicators. Each year, we evaluate the results and produce head-to-head comparisons of how Phocas did in the survey versus its competitors. The posts are intended to provide prospective Phocas customers an objective look at how users feel about Phocas and other industry solutions.

    The last several years, one of the software tools that Phocas is compared against in competitive bids is Utah-based Domo. Despite the buzz around Domo, Phocas continues to outperform the software in The BI Survey 18. In the 13 common KPI categories that users rated the applications, Phocas received better scores, scoring twice as high or more in key categories such as product satisfaction and competitive win rate. 

    In this blog, we will review four of the KPIs to better understand where and why Phocas continues to outpace the competition.

    Project Length

    Getting BI software installed and integrated is a significant milestone, and for some, a major hurdle. How well your software partner performs during this early stage of the relationship can be a measuring stick for future support services. The Project Length KPI is based on how quickly the software is implemented. In this year’s survey, Phocas claimed the top ranking in Project Length in the self-service reporting-focused products peer group, and is a leader in Project Length in both Americas-focused and Data-discovery focused products peer groups. Phocas’ Project Length KPI score was 9.5 while Domo received a 5.7, well below the peer group averages.

    The reason for the gap is fairly straightforward. It takes Phocas an average of six to eight weeks to implement, which is the “quickest project length among self-service reporting vendors” in the 2018 BARC survey.  BARC wrote, “The company’s focus on and expertise in certain industries gives it a large advantage over its competitors. Rather than learning and adapting to each new customer’s needs, Phocas’ consistent clientele enables it to have a prescient understanding of what customers will need during implementation.”

    Getting off on the right foot with customers is key to Phocas’ success. We can quickly deploy the databases they need for their operation, integrate their data into Phocas and get their users on the system. Our success, compared to Domo, is manifest in part by our Project Length score, and other complementary KPIs such as Project Success (10 to 8.1) and Implementer Support (9.4 to 5.7).

    Product Satisfaction

    Once installed and in the hands of users, how well the software performs and how often problems are encountered will determine product satisfaction, and ultimately, user adoption. After all, companies invest significant time and resources when deploying BI solutions, and to find that their software is riddled with problems can be a painful discovery. For this KPI, users were asked to score their software based on the frequency of the problems. The more problems encountered, the lower the rating. Phocas score of 9.5 placed it on top of the data discovery-focused products, and as a leader in the Americas-focused vendors peer group. Domo received a score of 4.4 in the Americas-focused vendors peer group, placing it far below the group average of 7.4.

    Whether there is a correlation or not, the disappointment of Domo users from implementation, to support to now product satisfaction is evident. For Phocas, a successful Project Length and Project Success translated into a higher Product Satisfaction among the customers that responded to the BARC survey. BARC attributes Phocas’ high product satisfaction scores to the software’s simplicity, intuitiveness and flexibility. Subsequent related KPI scores, including Self-Service (9.7 to 8.0), Flexibility (8.3 to 7.4), and Ease of Use (10 to 7.8) further emphasize why Phocas outperforms Domo.

    “Even brand new business users can become proficient within a day, building visualizations and dashboards, drilling down, filtering, and even administering the tool. While a non-technical user should be able to navigate most of the tool, Phocas is still flexible enough to satisfy advanced users’ needs.”

    Customer Satisfaction

    When Phocas’ users find the software easy to use, can do more with their data, and have fewer complaints about the application’s flexibility, they give a higher Customer Satisfaction score. The Customer Satisfaction KPI combines Price-to-Value, Recommendation, Vendor Support and Product Satisfaction KPIs to indicate how satisfied customers are with their choice of BI solutions. In this year’s survey, Phocas scored a 9.6 out of 10, while Domo finished with a 7.6. 

    As a result of user feedback, Phocas was named the top-ranked software among the Data-discovery focused products and Americas-focused vendors peer groups, and as a leader of the self-service reporting–focused products peer group.

    BARC attributes Phocas top score to the fact that Phocas “offers its platform at a fair price, supports the customer during and after implementation, and provides a smooth user experience with few reported problems.”

    Our favorite line from BARC came in its analysis of our customer satisfaction score. “This performance suggests that Phocas customers are among the most satisfied in the BI industry.”

    A quick review of our client case studies and testimonials will provide further evidence that BARC may in fact be correct in that conclusion.

    For additional KPIs and analysis on how well Phocas performed against Domo, download our full highlights report.


    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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