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    Phocas ranks #1 in 16 categories in world's largest BI software review (BARC The BI Survey 16)

    Phocas comes out on top in many categories against Tableau, Qlik Sense, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos BI in global survey.

    Phocas, a global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solutions, has ranked top in 16 categories and a leader in 24 categories in the independent software analyst, BARC BI’s annual business intelligence software review.

    The BI Survey 16 received 3,137 responses and was completed by customers of 37 business intelligence software products.

    Phocas outperformed a range of BI vendors to rank 1st in categories including:

    1. Product satisfaction [all of Phocas‘ peer groups]
    2. Recommendation [all of Phocas‘ peer groups]
    3. Customer experience [Visual discovery-focused products peer group]
    4. Project success [Visual discovery-focused products and Americas-focused peer groups]
    5. Customer satisfaction [Visual discovery-focused products and Americas-focused peer groups]

    "The dominant theme running through Phocas’ results in The BI Survey 16 is its performance in many of the more “customer-facing” categories, reflected in an outstanding score in the overarching customer satisfaction KPI",  Founder and CEO of BARC, Dr Carsten Bange said.

    "I'm extremely proud of our rankings in The BI Survey 16. I'm particularly pleased of our #1 ranking for customer satisfaction. As a business, we've invested in a Customer Success team over the past 12 months to ensure we look after our customers and give them the hands on support they often need", Phocas Co-Founder, Myles Glashier said.

    Phocas' industry leading recommendation rating demonstrates that once customers choose to go with Phocas, they are more satisfied than the customers of any other BI provider.

    This ‘Recommendation’ KPI is based on how many users would recommend the product to others.

    "Ranking #1 for recommendation highlights that our customers are willing to stand behind our product. We've recently introduced a customer referral program so we can thank our customers for their support. The result shows that our customers find Phocas to be flexible, easy to use and a tool that is generating real financial results for their business", Glashier said.

    Phocas outperformed larger and more costly offerings in many categories including Tableau, Qlik Sense, QlikView, Microsoft PowerBI, SAP Business Objects, SAP Lumira, SAP Crystal Reports, IBM Cognos BI and Infor BI.

    "Our point of difference from the larger and more expensive offerings is we offer a cost effective BI tool that can be used by anyone within a business regardless of their background. Executives, sales managers and marketers are increasing sales, reducing costs and making smarter decisions with Phocas. A small investment in Phocas can lead to thousands of dollars in revenue opportunities and savings", Glashier said.

    To download the full report of Phocas in The BI Survey 16, click here or on the button below.

    Download Phocas in The BI Survey 18


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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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