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    Phocas Software Invited To Attend CeBIT Australia 2015

    We’ve been invited by the New South Wales Government Department of Trade & Investment to participate on their stand at the upcoming CeBit 2015 event held in Sydney between the 5-7th of May.   

    CeBIT Australia is the largest technology exhibition in Asia Pacific attracting around 20,000 people each year. The event usually attracts over 450 exhibitors globally, from start-ups to global companies, who showcase theirinnovations and technologies, and the NSW Government is the official partner of CeBit.

    So why have we been invited to participate?  Well, it’s a pretty good reason and that is because our software (Phocas Business Intelligence) is developed in rural New South Wales in the town of Orange.  That’s right! Orange, NSW.  And we are delivering a market leading data analytics tool to the rest of the world.  In fact the software was voted #1 across 16 categories in the world’s largest business intelligence survey – BARC BI 16.  Phocas has also been awarded the Deloitte’s Fast Tech 50 Award for achieving incredible growth as a tech company.

    This is great example of a regional company leveraging technology, people and lifestyle to achieve success as a business entity and proving that a business can succeed on a global scale with an office outside the major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane).  This is why the NSW Department of Trade & Investment have invited us to join them on their stand – to represent that success can happen anywhere in Australia.

    Why Orange?  Why not?  It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape with excellent food & wine. There is a great work life balance.   It all started when Phocas Software CEO, Phil Dodds decided to move from Sydney back to the country for a ‘tree change’.  “It’s been the best thing we’ve ever done," Dodds says of the move – which was made possible because of the arrival in recent years of fast and low-cost internet connectivity. More information can be found in Phil’s interview with the Australian Financial Review.

    As a software company we are involved with technology heavily and probably have higher adoption than most other industries.  As result Phocas has been able to leverage the technology available in order to take care of business - working remotely, collaborating across borders and accessing information needed from just about anywhere. This is as much as culture as it technology.  A great deal of trust is involved and in return staff are motivated to contribute to the bigger cause.

    Another tree change proponent is Customer Service Manager – Shiona Martyr.   Shi moved to the country from Sydney with her family and talks about the lack of traffic, noise and congestion associated with working in the city.  Her commute time has been reduced by over 800%.  That leaves more time for work and play (and less time sitting in traffic).   cebit

    Needless to say success can happen anywhere and this is what the Government of New South Wales want to advocate.  Phocas is one of many working examples of this.   Most people think and read about ‘Work/Life” balance but think it is non-existent.   I’m telling you it does exist and it can be found in Orange.  Come by the NSW Trade & Investment stand at CeBIT on 5-7 May and speak to some of our staff from Orange and see what a global leading business intelligence solutions looks like!

    For more information you can contact us and or click on the button below and watch our short video demo.

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    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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