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    Phocas to demonstrate how medical suppliers can increase sales and improve efficiencies

    Phocas will be at Medica 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany from 14-17 November to demonstrate how the medical industry can use data to overcome their business challenges. The Phocas stand will be in Hall 15, Stand D39.

    Purchasing analytics

    Inventory and purchasing managers love data. At Medica 2016, Phocas will be showing companies how they can report and analyze their purchasing data and see things like stock turns, inventory-to-purchase ratio and slow-moving stock. The ability to analyse this type of data can benefit medical companies by:

    • improving inventory control to manage stock shelf life according to demand
    • analysing tenders to find profitable price points for products
    • making the consortia group-buying process transparent and accessible.

    Sales analytics

    Sales managers that use data can improve their decision making, take advantage of new or lost revenue opportunities and improve customer retention. At Medica 2016, Phocas will be demonstrating the ultimate medical sales database. Using Phocas sales managers can:

    • make individual performance and the team’s overall performance visible
    • develop ways to increase revenue and profit
    • identify opportunities or missed sales and cross reference sales to a customer, stock or sales exec.
    • approach every sales interaction fully informed with reports and data at hand and ensure you’re in the best position to win the business.

    Marketing analytics

    Marketing executives need data to create high impact campaigns. Knowing what customers are buying and what they are not buying and the ideal price points will have medical marketers on the front foot when creating marketing communications. This type of data-driven approach will ensure medical marketing campaigns are as targeted as they can be.

    Marketing folk visiting the Phocas stand can find out how to easily:

    • query your data to uncover trends about product categories, SKUs, customers and regions to prioritize and optimize your campaigns
    • segment your customer base and see at a glance your high-value customers or those that need nurturing
    • target early adopter or champion customers for VIP, loyalty and reference programs.

    No matter what aspect of the business you are from, at Medica 2016, Phocas will be showing the industry how to benefit from data and analytics. We are welcoming all attendees to put us to the challenge, and test our data reporting speeds.

    If you’re interested in putting Phocas to the test at Medica 2016, click here or visit us in Hall 15, Stand D39. Alternatively, if you’re not going to the show but would still like to see Phocas in action then, please click here.

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    Written by Cale Bannister

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