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    Phocas vs. Infor BI (business intelligence software comparison)

    We examine how Phocas business intelligence software compares with Infor BI in this year’s BARC The BI Survey 19, the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users. Infor BI is designed for data modelling in large global organizations. Phocas is used by mid-market businesses to drive growth and efficiency by centralizing data to understand the big picture.In this post we will compare Phocas to Infor BI using BARC’s ad-hoc reporting peer group findings.

    Overall, BARC summarized that “Phocas is the first-ranked vendor for many KPIs across all of its peer groups.” In the ad hoc reporting-focused products peer group where Phocas and Infor were compared,  Phocas outperformed its rivals in 9 KPIs and placed among the leaders in 19 others.

    BARC went on to say that, “Phocas is popular with customers primarily because of its professional expertise in the industries it focuses on, its ease of use and its ability to fulfil customer requirements with innovative features. Outstanding results in the Business Value, Ease-of-Use, and Product Satisfaction KPIs are certainly key reasons why customers have felt comfortable recommending the product for several years.” 

    For this post, we will compare Phocas to Infor BI in three KPIs: Ease of Use, Product Satisfaction, and Vendor Support. 

    For more information about how Phocas and Infor BI compare across all 28 categories, click on the report here.

    Ease of use: Phocas vs. Infor business intelligence software comparison

    The ease of use KPI is based on how often the product was chosen for its ease of use, and on the level of complaints about ease of use post-implementation. Over the last few years, Phocas has consistently improved its ranking for ‘ease of use’ in The BARC BI Survey. For the second year in a row, Phocas is top-ranked in the ease of use KPI among all three peer groups. In a head-to-head matchup for ease of use Phocas scored a 10 compared to Infor BI’s score of 3.4.

    As BARC stated, “All BI vendors strive to make their tools as simple and easy to use as possible, so it is doubly impressive that Phocas takes the top spot across the board. According to the [Phocas], the software is tailored for business users and designed to be fast to deploy, simple to learn and easy to use. Phocas sees even inexperienced business users become proficient within a short space of time, building visualizations and dashboards, drilling down into deeper levels of data, filtering and even administering the tool. This illustrates the simplicity, intuitiveness and flexibility of the platform.”

    The smooth implementation and intuitive design are key elements that make Phocas user-friendly. “I just love the simplicity of it,” said an executive from Alspec. And Ozsale’s  product manager stated that "Phocas is very easy and intuitive to use. Its ability to analyze large amounts of data in a few simple clicks of the mouse is outstanding."

    Product satisfaction: Phocas vs. Infor business intelligence software comparison

    Product satisfaction focuses on a brand’s product rather than the brand itself. Key satisfaction drivers typically include the likelihood to recommend or repurchase the product. The BARC BI Survey defines the product satisfaction KPI to the frequency of problems encountered with the product. Phocas’ top ranking of 10 in product satisfaction indicates that Phocas customers experience very few problems with the product.

    Phocas was a stand out in this year’s survey with the highest percentage of customers (81%) stating they had no significant problems with the product. Minimal product-related problems would suggest customers are likely to recommend Phocas to others. 

    “Our expectations for Phocas were set pretty high by the people that recommended the software, and from the beginning, Phocas has exceeded all of them,” said the Owner of  Mercor Lighting. In comparison, Infor BI only scored a 3.4 in product satisfaction, well below the average ranking of 5.0.

    Vendor support: Phocas vs. Infor business intelligence software comparison

    Good vendor support is the ability to quickly and efficiently remedy any problems customers are having with their BI software. The longer an issue persists, the more of an irritation it is for customers. In this year’s BARC survey, vendor support was determined by user satisfaction with the level of support provided for the product.

    According to BARC,” Phocas has steadily improved its ‘vendor support‘ rating in recent years and now occupies top spot in all three peer groups. Besides [Phocas’] training and support services, which are included in the subscription pricing, Phocas offers webinars, topical eBooks and an online community where users can share knowledge, ask questions and find new ways to get more value from Phocas software. Via these channels, the vendor addresses everyday business challenges as well as reviewing and explaining trends and innovations.” In this year’s BI Survey, Phocas scored a 9.3 in vendor support. Infor BI didn’t  make the top ranking as it only scored 4.9, which was well below the peer group average of 8.2.

    From the first contact through implementation, training and ongoing support, Phocas is committed to ensuring customers have a great experience. This is the reason that Phocas is recognized as a leader in business intelligence (BI) and scores well in head-to-head comparisons such as those in this year’s BARC BI Survey 19.   

    To look at how all 36 business intelligence software vendors compare in the BARC the BI Survey 2019, click here on the button below.

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    Written by Phocas Software
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