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    Phocas vs. Looker business intelligence software comparison

    We use the world’s largest survey of BI software users to compare Phocas with Looker business intelligence software. The two products were reviewed by customers in BARC the BI survey 19 in two peer groups: the Americas-focused vendors and ad hoc reporting-focused products. Phocas is business intelligence software designed for manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies to leverage ERP information. Looker which emerged in 2012 is intended for digital and start-up companies. In June of 2019, Google Cloud announced it would acquire Looker. However, in December 2019, Britain's competition watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority began probing the deal to determine whether it could adversely affect competition in the UK or other markets. As of this posting, the deal remains uncertain.

    We will compare the two business intelligence software products across three KPIs: Project Success, Price-to-Value, and Product Satisfaction.  This year, Phocas achieved some remarkable results with 11 top ranks in the America-focused vendors peer group and nine top ranks in the ad hoc reporting focused product peer group. 

    For more information about how Phocas and Looker business intelligence softwares compares across all  categories, click on the report below.

    Project Success: Phocas vs. Looker business intelligence software

    The Project Success KPI rates user satisfaction with implementation from both technical and business aspects. The KPI also considers whether ongoing projects are completed on time and within budget. In the Project Success category, Looker scored a 7.6, while Phocas scored the highest possible value of 10.

    According to an Executive with the Kriz Davis company, “The folks at Phocas are fantastic. In short order, we exchanged the necessary information, had a 2-hour WebEx training, and we were off and running. Their pre- and post-sale support levels are second to none.”

    For the last three years, Phocas has been top-ranked in the Project Success KPI across all three peer groups. Customers reported that they are especially pleased with the implementation of both technical and business aspects of the software; as well as with the frequency of which projects are completed within budget.

    According to BARC, by concentrating on “industry-specific operational systems, Phocas brings unique know-how to the table.” 

    Price-to-Value: Phocas vs. Looker business intelligence software 

    The Price to Value KPI rates the ongoing value users get from the BI solution compared with the set-up and subscription costs. In this ranking, Phocas scored an 8.3 versus Looker’s score of 6.7.

    According to Luceco, “When we first started using Phocas, we pulled data from our system to show a customer where they were increasing and decreasing orders. From that interaction with the customer, we captured an additional £250,000 per year worth of business.”

    As BARC explained, “Due to its well-tailored range of functions and flexible licensing structure, customers consider the price-performance ratio of Phocas to be very attractive.”

    Product Satisfaction: Phocas vs. Looker business intelligence software 

    When rating Product Satisfaction, users outline the problems they have experienced with the BI solution. The more problems they have, the lower the rating. In this ranking, Phocas scored the highest value of 10 as compared to Looker’s score of 4.1, which is below average.

    “We would say that Phocas is one of the best tools we have,” said an Executive with AEL Electrical Distributors.

    BARC stated that a high product satisfaction suggests that Phocas customers experience very few product-related problems. This year, Phocas was a stand-out with the highest percentage of customers (81-percent) noting that they have had no significant problems with the solution. As a result, Phocas topped all peer groups for Product Satisfaction, “proving the product’s stability, maturity and well-conceived design. These outstanding results show that Phocas customers are very satisfied with the product,” BARC affirmed.    

    To look at how all 36 business intelligence software vendors compare in the BARC the BI Survey 2019, click here or on the button below.

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