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    Phocas vs. Microsoft Power BI

    Find out how Phocas compares to Microsoft Power BI in the world's largest survey of business intelligence customers, BARC the BI survey 19.
    What Microsoft Power BI has on its side when people are considering business intelligence, is high brand awareness. Instead, Phocas business intelligence is more targeted and concentrates on solving the data problems of specific industries it serves, which is manufacturing, distribution and retail. When we review how this plays out in BARC, people do consider Power BI more but customers are more satisfied with Phocas. To learn more...

    Every year, BARC Research conducts a survey of thousands of business intelligence software users. BARC’s The BI Survey 19  gives users the opportunity to review their BI software, providing  feedback on what is great and not so great about their experience with BI solutions.

    In 2019, more than 3000 people responded to BARC’s detailed questionnaire, evaluating 36 BI products across 34 Key Performance indicators (KPIs). As in years past, Phocas has continued to establish itself as one of the top performers. Phocas was compared to Microsoft Power BI in the data discovery peer group where Phocas achieved top rankings in 14 KPIs and placed among the leaders in 13 others.

    In this blog, we will compare the results in BARC in the data discovery peer group for Phocas and Microsoft Power BI. We concentrate on the Competitive Win Rate, Product Satisfaction and Vendor Support  measures.

    For a more comprehensive analysis of the two products see below:

    Competitive win rate: Phocas v Microsoft Power BI

    This measure in BARC rates the percentage of wins for a BI solution when evaluated against similar tools. Phocas achieves a score of 7.6 compared to Microsoft BI achieving a 2.1 rating.

    BARC says: “Phocas is popular with customers primarily because of its professional expertise in the industries it focuses on, its ease of use and its ability to fulfil customer requirements with innovative features.”

    BARC says: “Microsoft Power Bi is often considered for purchase but, as can be seen from its ‘Competitive win rate’ KPI, it has difficulty gaining a direct competitive edge. Many companies are interested in the product due to its reputation and attractive price points, but it does not seem to be able to keep up with the competition when under closer inspection.”

    Product Satisfaction: Phocas v Microsoft Power BI

    How a software provider scores on this KPI is solely a factor of the frequency of problems that users encounter while using the software. Product Satisfaction is key to Phocas’ success as many of its prospects and new customers come from referrals. The higher the user's score on this KPI, the fewer the problems they have experienced.

    In 2019, Phocas scored a perfect 10 while Microsoft Power BI scored a 5, half that score.  This is the fifth year in a row that Phocas has performed well in the Product Satisfaction KPI.

    In the Phocas report, BARC wrote, “High product satisfaction indicates that Phocas customers experience very few product-related problems proving the product’s stability, maturity and well-conceived design. While customers have different expectations of the availability and reliability of their BI product, these outstanding results show that Phocas customers are very satisfied with the product."

    BARC commented about Power BI: "Power BI customers report having bigger problems with data governance, administration and data quality than average in this year’s survey. While Microsoft tends to concentrate on the functional development of the product, enterprise features supporting its deployment in larger environments seem to be of secondary importance."

    Vendor Support: Phocas v Microsoft Power BI

    The Vendor Support KPI measures users’ satisfaction with the level of support they receive for the software. This year, Phocas scored a 9.3 compared to Microsoft Power BI’s score of 6. Phocas was the top-ranked product in this category in the data discovery-focused products peer group while Microsoft Power BI finished 10th out of 12.

    Phocas invests significant time and resources into its support and training programs, including a full library of self-help videos in the Phocas Academy that provide step-by-step tutorials on everything from basic to advanced BI concepts. The Phocas User Group is an online community that connects Phocas users to exchange information, ask questions and share best practices. Finally, Phocas has a Customer Success Team that is focused on ensuring that customers get value from the software. All of these initiatives, ensure that customers have the support they need, so vendor support serves as a key differentiator for Phocas.

    "An excellent, easy to use intuitive platform. Very clear roadmap with excellent support; both helpdesk (not often required) and context sensitive online help documentation" CIO, retail

    Regarding Phocas, BARC wrote, “Targeting the business user and simplifying work with data via its user interface" has paid off for Phocas and its customers. "Phocas is a comprehensive solution that offers interesting navigation and analysis capabilities based on prepared data sets, especially for casual users from business departments."

    Phocas is committed to making BI simple and accessible for all skill levels so that team members, regardless of their roles, can use data to make more intelligent business decisions.

    To download a full report of how Phocas compares to Microsoft Power BI and the other 35 solutions, click here or on the button below.

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    Written by Phocas Software
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    We make people feel good about data

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