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    Phocas BI vs QlikView business intelligence software

    Every year BARC, a leading analysis company, conducts the world’s largest survey comparing business intelligence software vendors across 34 criteria, or key performance indicators. This year the BI Survey 19 assessed 36 different business intelligence software products using feedback from more than 3,000 customers. We compare how QlikView stacks-up against Phocas in the data discovery-focused products peer group of the survey. QlikView is Qlik’s original business Intelligence solution in Qlik’s line-up and Phocas is an industry-specific solution.

    Overall, Phocas outperformed competitors in 14 KPIs and placed among leaders in 12 others in the data discovery-focused products peer group. Phocas and QlikView are compared against 26 different criteria.In this blog, we compare the two business intelligence software products across the recommendation, vendor support and ease-of-use KPIs.

    A more comprehensive head-to-head comparison with all 26 KPIs is available below.  

    Recommendation: Phocas business intelligence software vs QlikView

    The Recommendation KPI rates the proportion of users who would recommend the BI solution to others. Qlik View scored 5.8 compared with Phocas’ score of 10, the highest possible score. Phocas has been the top-ranked vendor for Recommendation for five years running.

    As an Executive from 3E remarked, “If you're looking for a solution that meets at all of your reporting needs, it will really pay dividends for you.”

    According to BARC, “In the highly competitive business intelligence software market, these results are particularly astonishing. A constantly high recommendation rate demonstrates a vendor’s ability to adapt its software development to customers’ needs. Outstanding results in the Business Value, Ease-of-Use, and Product Satisfaction KPIs are certainly key reasons why customers have felt comfortable recommending this product for several years.”    

    Vendor support: Phocas business intelligence software vs QlikView

    For this KPI, the score is based on the implementation satisfaction level and the frequency of projects completed on time and on budget.

    The Vendor Support KPI has users rate how satisfied they are with the customer service provided by the vendor. Phocas has continually improved its rating in Vendor Support in recent years and now occupies the top spot in the data discovery-focused products. This year Phocas scored 8.2 in comparison to QlikView’s score of 6.7.

    In addition to the training and ongoing support included in Phocas’ subscription pricing, Phocas offers webinars, eBooks, and additional training modules in the online Phocas Academy. The PUG forum allows users to connect, share tips, offer best-practice suggestions, and answer each other’s questions.

    “Via these channels, [Phocas] addresses everyday business challenges as well as reviewing and explaining trends and innovations,” said BARC. 

    Ease of use: Phocas business intelligence software vs QlikView

    Phocas has steadily increased its Ease of Use ranking in the BI Survey over the last few years. QlikView ranked in the data discovery focused peer-group with a score of 6.3. Phocas scored top marks not only in this peer group but all three for the second year in a row.

    As BARC summarized, “All BI vendors strive to make their tools as simple and easy to use as possible, so it is doubly impressive that Phocas takes the top spot across the board. According to [Phocas], the software is tailored for business users and designed to be fast to deploy, simple to learn and easy to use.  Phocas sees even inexperienced business users become proficient within a short space of time, building visualizations and dashboards, drilling down into deeper levels of data, filtering and even administering the tool. This illustrates the simplicity, intuitiveness, and flexibility of the platform.”

    Phocas customer CoolDrive Distribution reports, “We can get an immediate view on how our individual reps are performing with such ease and can look at direct comparisons and variances. Our 20 branch managers now sit down with our 40 sales reps and review progress.”

    An executive at Dixie Plywood adds, “Phocas worked immediately right out of the box, and we did nothing but provide access to our systems.”  

    We highly value our relationships with our customers at Phocas. Whether it’s the first contact, the implementation process, or customer training and ongoing support, we are committed to ensuring our customers have an excellent experience. 

    Download the complete highlights report  to see how Phocas compares with the other 35 vendors. 

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    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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