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    Phocas BI vs QlikView review (based on ratings in BARC's The BI Survey 17)

    In 2017, 3,066 people responded to the largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence users. The study, conducted by BARC Research, compared 42 different BI solutions across 29 key performance indicators (KPIs). In this blog, we discuss Phocas BI vs QlikView.

    When the results were compiled, Phocas Software finished on top in 24 categories of its peer groups, continuing to outperform the industry’s most frequently recognized leaders in the BI space in many key categories. One of the providers often evaluated in competition with Phocas is QlikView. The following provides a brief analysis of how QlikView and Phocas performed head-to-head in the survey in several categories, including product satisfaction, business benefits and mobile BI.

    A more comprehensive head-to-head comparison with more KPIs is available in our Phocas BI vs. QlikView presentation.


    Product Satisfaction

    One of the KPIs BI users were asked to evaluate is product satisfaction, which is based on how often product-related problems are encountered with the product. The higher the rating, the better the product is performing. Phocas users experience few problems when using its software, giving Phocas a score of 9.8 out of 10, compared with a 5.1 score for QlikView. In a year over year comparison from the 2016 survey, Phocas improved its score from 8.8, while QlikView’s score improved slightly from its 2016 score of 5.0.

    BARC describes Phocas as a mature self-service tool that enables users to do their own analysis and reporting. Phocas simplicity is often referred to throughout the research firm’s analysis, which is a key reason why the majority (59%) of Phocas’ users claim not to experience any significant problems compared to the survey average of 40%. Product satisfaction is critical to Phocas’ success, driven by a focus to make BI accessible to everyone.

    Project success

    For this KPI, the score is based on the implementation satisfaction level and the frequency of projects completed on time and on budget.

    Phocas scored a 10, the highest value in its peer group, while QlikView scored a 7.2, which was around peer group average. BARC describes the importance of this KPI as follows: "Completing a BI project on time is tough. No matter how well planned out, unexpected tasks and challenges arise that often come with extra costs. Customers rate Phocas highly based on its ability to complete projects on time and on budget and with overall user satisfaction.”

    Scoring a perfect 10 for this KPI demonstrates that Phocas is providing our customers with enormous benefits to their business. Phocas is considered a more cost affordable option than many competitors and continues to add new features. We continue to improve Phocas in a variety of areas, from financial reporting to managing rebates, so that we can continue to deliver benefits to our customers.

    Abcoe, a leading wholesale supplier of consumables for more than 800 customers, switched to Phocas from Sage Evolution, an accounting platform with basic reporting features. Since moving to Phocas, Abcoe, has better visibility into margins and profitability, can better manage its SKUs, and identify sales opportunities with customers. The ability to use data to illustrate performance also Abcoe land a major disabilities service group, taking the business from a much larger supplier.

    CoolDrive, a supplier of parts and accessories to the automotive industry, uses Phocas for forecasting by looking at stock turns, ratio of stock held and its branches commitments to historic and future sales. Fifteen of CoolDrive’s team members use Phocas daily, upwards of 40 people use it weekly and at least 90 people can competently generate a valid query. Phocas has becomes the most useful tool they have because it reveals aspects of the business that in many cases they may not have thought about.

    Mobile BI

    Access to mobile technology is critical for today’s mobile workforce, and this KPI illustrates how many people are currently using their BI tool on a mobile device. Based on the responses to the survey, Phocas scored a 9.2 compared to QlikView’s 5.6.

    Businesses that use mobile BI enable their users make faster, more intelligent decisions. They don’t rely on gut feel, and are less likely to make emotionally driven decisions. In BARC’s analysis of the survey results, they specifically mentioned that Phocas is “available via responsive design on mobile devices, an option that customers use often and enjoy.”

    Phocas’ Mobile BI takes simply accessing data much further, enabling sales representatives, and managers and executives across the business with critical solutions to quickly analyze raw data and make intelligent business decisions. It’s clear from the BARC survey that our customers are capitalizing on Phocas’ mobile BI capabilities for real-time visibility into a variety of business critical data points.

    Download the complete highlights report to see how Phocas compares with QlikView by clicking the image below.



    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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