Gateway Supply in Columbia, South Carolina has served the plumbing, HVAC and mechanical industries for over 50 years, and is a long standing Phocas customer. Since implementing data analytics, the company is 35 percent larger and can report on all areas of its business.

At the time we first wrote about the company's experience with our BI software in 2014, Gateway had been a customer for more than four years. Jump forward to 2019, and not only has Gateway grown - the number of ways the company is using Phocas has also increased.

This is a summary of our recent case study. To read the full story, click here.

Gateway Supply success story

“Phocas is critical to the operations of Gateway Supply, and it would be difficult to run our business without it,” says Chris Williams, President of Gateway Supply.

Right sizing store launches

As Gateway has grown, Phocas has helped the company to right size their locations, which means opening new locations with the right levels of inventory. Gateway will launch a new location in Hilton Head, S.C. later this year and the way the inventory will be allocated to the store is based on information aggregated in Phocas.

“Prior to Phocas, we would simply guess what we were going to sell in our new locations," says Williams. "Today we have the ability to back up what we are doing.” 

Data is at the heart of conversations

Data is the driving force of Gateway's data-driven culture, allowing Williams and his teams to have more informed internal and external conversations.

The company is working with Phocas on a new inventory module that will make managing and balancing inventory faster and easier for multi-branch companies. 

Gateway is also testing new incentive programs in two locations to make order pullers more efficient. Rather than driving competition between people, warehouse managers will now use historical data captured in Phocas to help improve performance and drive gross profit per employee.

Williams fully expects Gateway to continue adding data points and using Phocas to analyze the information to make decisions, calling the process "central to what we do."

To delve deeper into the Gateway Supply case study click here. 
Gateway Supply success story

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