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Craven Foods can see clearly now with Phocas BI solution

Phocas has allowed Craven Foods to drive more business through their sales people and be on top of threats and opportunities

Craven Foods is an independent food wholesaler and distributor based in Bunbury WA. Originally a seafood business, the company established operations in 1987. Douglas Mateljan and Kym Burke, recognising some enormous opportunities to develop the business, took over Craven Foods in January 2000. The business has grown and now carries over 3,500 lines of stock.

Client Craven Foods 
Industry Food distribution
HQ location Bunbury, WA
ERP system Nexus

Phocas transformed reporting

Craven Foods services the entire south west region, providing products and services to restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, take-away food shops, hotels, clubs, schools, institutions and government facilities.

Such growth in such short a period of time has had its challenges. The increasing complexity in the sales and management of so many products lines lead to the need for a fast and efficient reporting solution. Doug Mateljan, Managing Director for Craven Foods, explains:

“We operate Nexus ERP to manage our sales, stock and invoicing. The level and flexibility of reporting offered by Nexus is quite limited, offering no drill down reporting that fulfils our needs and requirements.”

Decisions based on fact not intuition

To keep track of sales and gain a better understanding of what was happening in the business at all levels, Craven implemented a BI and analytics solution from Phocas.

After a short implementation period the results were almost immediate. “As an example, a customer was up year-on-year sales by $6,000, which was good. However, after looking further into the data generated from Phocas, we quickly identified that the customer had dropped 3 product lines. So the rep went back in and was able to get 2 product lines back on board - increasing the sales growth even further”, Doug commented.

“We are now able to make decisions based on fact rather than intuition. We can drill down through the information to whatever we want and cross reference sales to customer, stock or sales rep. This is very valuable in terms of identifying opportunities or missed sales”, says Doug.

  • Meaningful results enhanced by visuals (pie charts, bar graphs, heat maps)
  • Decision-making based in facts rather than intuition
  • Identify opportunities or missed sales
  • Simplified reporting solution

Greater insight into the business

Craven Foods was given greater visibility in the business and allowed sales rep to manage their own accounts and identify specific targets for each account.

This was only possible because of Phocas. Prior to this it was more of a dartboard approach to managing accounts and setting specific sales targets.

“Our sales reps used to have to rely on supplier purchases for their reporting but now with Phocas they can see their ‘exit sales’ – sales out of the warehouse”, says Metaljan.

Driving more business

Phocas has allowed Craven Foods to drive more business through their sales people.

They are more accountable now because the data is available to monitor individual performance as well as the team’s overall performance. Very little is likely to fall through the cracks, where Doug and his sales team can stay on top of issues and opportunities as they arise.

  • Greater visibility in the business
  • Results displayed with simplicity
  • Ability to monitor individual performance
  • On top of issues and opportunites