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ICU Medical makes better tactical and strategic decisions with Phocas


ICU Medical

ICU Medical is a leading global medical devices and accessories company selling medical devices for oncology, vascular therapy and critical care. The company has thousands of products in its portfolio so turned to industry-specific business intelligence software to track its business performance. Creating mobile BI dashboards has significantly changed the way ICU do business because now everyone has access to accurate real-time data; decision-making is the responsibility of all.

Vinod Devarapalli is the commercial administration manager at ICU Medical.

ICU Medical at a glance
Sector | Manufacturing
Industry | Health and scientific
Datasource | iSeries (Magic)
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Phocas key benefits for ICU Medical

New opportunities Determine what product categories make up total sales and overlay across all customers to find new sales opportunities.
Greater visibility Explore top customers in a single view by variables (per region, per sales, per product) that work for your team at any given time.
Mitigated obstacles Set an automatic margin threshold to track activity and proactively follow up with customers.

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