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Electrical supplier leverages data to improve business performance



Parrish-Hare is an electrical products supplier for commercial and industrial construction across Texas. The company is data-driven so everybody uses data analytics to access business information in real time, 'to see where they're at and where they’re going' on a daily basis. Electrical distribution is competitive, so by leveraging data, Parrish-Hare teams make more valuable decisions and serve customers better by ensuring stock is available to meet delivery deadlines.

Kevin Talbert is the Director of Inventory Control at Parrish-Hare.

Parrish-Hare at a glance
Sector | Wholesale distribution
Industry | Electrical
Datasource | Epicor
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Phocas key benefits for Parrish-Hare

Report accurately Sales ledgers, executive reports, inventory summaries - all simplified with powerful data visualization tools
Manage inventory Avoid crippling issues like deadstock with actionable intelligence, provided in real-time
Decide with confidence With fast, accurate business intelligence tools that layer on top of your ERP, you can feel confident in your decisions

Increase sales, reduce costs and eliminate guesswork

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