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Texas Peak

Established in 1992, the Texas Peak Group is an Australian owned, professionally operated family organisation with extensive experience in the sporting goods and fashion categories. Their brands include: Brooks Running, Diesel, JanSport, NYDA, Bauer, Easton, Unicorn and Azur.

Wayne Nikolovski is the ICT manager at Texas Peak.

Texas Peak at a glance
Sector | Distribution
Industry | Consumer goods
Datasource | Apparel21
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Phocas key benefits for Texas Peak

Empowering sales Phocas gives sales leaders key dashboards that easily drill down through transactional data to find answers that drive impressive revenue results.
Preventing stockouts Track inventory live and mitigate complicated calculations and cumbersome spreadsheets. Make strategic inventory decisions with stock information at your fingertips.
Proactive selling Tricky ERP standing between you and the reports you need? Get interactive reports, build high-quality customer presentations and plan around seasonal fluctuations.

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