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Kill manual processes with efficiency

Forget about consolidating data. Now it's all in one place so you can get on with analyzing and measuring metrics that matter.

Kill multiple versions with collaboration

Stop the lengthy back and forth. Cloud financial solutions align operational and financial teams for better decision-making.

Kill accidental data sharing with encrypted security

Stop spreadsheets floating around spooking you out by revealing too much. Give access with boundaries - not everyone should see everything!

“Just when we think we are doing well, a quick fix of the formula may reveal that we are behind in orders or losing money on shipments.
The information is not live, and as we started operating across two businesses, we really wanted to kill spreadsheets.”

Adam Kirby — Head of Commercial Finance, American Golf


Stop running your business on spreadsheets alone to extend planning for deeper insights

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Collaborating on Finance should be a treat, not a trick