Headcount driver

Stay on top of your most important and complex operating cost - your people.


Integrate headcount into your budget planning

Your finance team needs accurate workforce numbers to budget fixed and variable staff costs (salary, bonus, commission) plus related benefits to avoid any surprises throughout the year. These forecasted expenses are the foundation of every business budget ​but often don't reflect the bonus period or staff changes accurately.

With the Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting headcount driver tool, talent costs can now be an integral part of your financial and operational planning, bringing clarity to the process and helping businesses to meet their goals.

Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting

The Phocas cloud-based FP&A solution balances
real-time data with long-term strategy

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Beyond the headcount driver feature, Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is a dynamic and easy to use solution helping automate the manual budgeting process.

All data and reports are saved in the cloud, enabling secure access to financial budget plans and forecasts. Collaboration with other business areas is easy with a workflow-based approval process.

User-friendly budgeting allows contributors to readily engage in the process, gain a deeper understanding of the financial data and be more accountable for their numbers.


Multiple models

Test the financial validity of variable staffing models so you can hire the best talent while managing costs

Top security

World-class encryption ensures your sensitive compensation and bonus payments are secure


Budget owners assign input into the process where useful and talent planning can be carried out remotely or cross-functionally with built-in workflows. 

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