Plumbing + Phocas

Business intelligence for plumbing and HVAC

Do you have a large assortment of product lines, items and many customers in a layered supply chain? 

Plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies have masses of data sitting in internal ERP, CRM and financial systems. Things can be disjointed and getting clear answers when and where you want them is not easy. We consolidate your data so that people across your business can run reports, review and create dashboards and analyze one view of your company-wide data easily. This is a data analysis tool that guides better decision making for everyone.

Some plumbing customers have reduced supply chain inefficiencies by between 20-30% due to easier access to more detailed data analysis. For others, they’ve been able to identify gap and cross-sell opportunities to generate six-figure increases in sales to their existing customer base within the first few months of using the software.

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