Plumbing + Phocas

Phocas benefits for the plumbing and HVAC industry

  • get a data analytics tool designed for nontechnical people to support positive action across your business
  • get one view of the truth – company-wide data pulled together for all your departments to access
  • improve your knowledge of which products should be sold together
  • free up IT or spreadsheet experts from running reports and doing analysis
  • create dashboards to offer a quick guide to how sales and the business is tracking
  • easily report on sales, inventory, cash receivables, general ledger, accounts, reps or branches showing number of orders, value of orders, delivered on time in full (DOTIF) results and goods not received or variance over time periods
  • zero in on opportunities and problems by discovering your own data, rather than just looking at static reports
  • use data to focus your efforts on where you can increase sales
  • see what is shifting, where you’re gaining new sales in certain areas or if something is trending downward
  • analyze current and historical data to identify trends in sales and demand to inform forecasts and estimations
  • align your sourcing and distribution activities based on your data
  • track inventory, sales and orders side-by-side for improved purchasing and warehouse management
  • use direction-setting analytics to grow your business - sell more commodity products, get your high margin products ready for just-in-time delivery
  • benchmark the performance of your organization against industry standards.