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As dependence on data continues to grow, tech leaders are more powerful than ever

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Align tech choices with company strategy

The software you choose shapes the future of your company and is a catalyst for change. By including Phocas in your tech stack, you bring essential data from many systems together for a consolidated view of your business. Help your colleagues thrive and become data savvy.

Our team is less reliant on IT
Phocas allows Behler-Young’s IT to dedicate more time and resources to working on other areas of the business.
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Phocas benefits for IT

Outsource IT infrastructure and security As business SaaS companies take on database management and security, you can redirect your energy to help the business get the most value from the tech.
Enhance your ERP system BI speaks to your others systems and serves as a single source of truth for all your business data. It combines ERP information with data from CRM, accounting, marketing and operations to create a more holistic picture of the business.
Share data across the business Your executives, managers and front-line teams can access and analyze a shared understanding of information and help make decisions relevant to their goals.
Track metrics

Set KPIs that are important to all job roles and responsibilities

Empower your team with performance goals and KPIs, while leveraging actionable intelligence and confident decision-making to drive your business forward.

Easy to scale

Shifting demands for information and reports away from IT

Reduce the strain on your already stretched resources by enabling company leaders to access their own data with powerful data visualization tools. 

Remain in control

Maintain the flow and restriction of the data

Ensure that empowering your colleagues doesn't compromise commercial and sensitive information by selecting a solution with efficient permission-based data access.

IT managers dig Phocas


Data driven decisions are important, and having the data be so easily accessible is the only way to get people to start to change their culture towards that, so I believe it’s helped us make significant changes in the way we do business.

Robert Wright

Senior Application Developer and Analyst, Behler-Young


Phocas is a key part of our IT strategy so we definitely recommend the product to any business that has got loads of data, especially those with older systems.

James Pearce

IT Director, R&B Star Ltd


Phocas drives the sales process. It identifies products that aren’t moving, where we need to start specialising items and where we’re not performing in different areas.

Peter Liersch

Finance and IT Manager, JAS Oceania


We can be very flexible in designing the systems, so we can do anything we want. We were very quickly able to start building dashboards and databases within Phocas with exactly the information people need to do their job.

Luke Caughton

IT manager, Micheldever Tyres


Phocas is easy to use and they provide good support, so it’s a no brainer. Using Phocas makes me feel like I’m being proactive

Emma Russ

IT technician, Arran Isle Ltd

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Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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