On-demand Webinar  

Leverage the value of your business data with company-wide analytics

Duration: 35 minutes


Sean Bennison, Data analytics consultant (Phocas Software)


"Phocas has completely transformed the way our business utilises data. Simple to use for analysing sales, purchasing and reporting. Without doubt, my best colleague!"  Stuart Lonsdale, Sales & Purchasing Manager, Alan T.Carr

Unlock the power of data in your Datafile ERP to operate with confidence. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out how Datafile and Phocas can help you to:

• seamlessly integrate Phocas with your existing Datafile ERP solution
• consolidate your data into a single source of truth
• get insights into sales trends by product, territory, and value
• identify customer variance, gap analysis and set margin alerts
• provide automated, interactive, and real-time dashboard reports
• create relevant KPI views for key staff to drive decision-making

Phocas partners with Datafile to help organisations find ways to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase margins. Phocas is quick and easy to implement with pricing from just 5 users.

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