Nashville user conference

Nashville Airport Marriott | May 8 - 10 , 2017 | Nashville

Conference agenda

May 8, 2017

2:00pm: Arrival/registration

Meet the Phocas team in the lobby to receive your welcome pack and schedule a 30min catch up with a Phocas employee*. 


6:00pm: Hospitality in Champions Sports Bar 

Phocas sponsored hospitality evening - join the Phocas team for cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served. 


Please note the above activities are optional to attend. 

*limited spots available however meeting times can be scheduled on all conference days. 


May 9, 2017

9:00am: Welcome and introduction to Phocas team 

CEO, Phil Dodds will discuss:

  • Phocas development product roadmap
  • introduction of user-led user groups
  • referrals and how they can benefit you. 

10:00am: Morning break


10:30am: Phocas speed dating

Network and join in conversation with other Phocas users to discuss relevent topics in a 'speed dating' format. 


11:30am: Training breakout sessions

1-hour training sessions. Choose 3 of the offered training breakouts to attend on May 9 and 10. 

12:30am: Lunch  

Take a break and meet other Phocas users over a buffet lunch.


2:00pm: User sessions 

30-minute user sessions. Choose 4 of the offered sessions to attend on May 9 and 10. 


2:30pm: User sessions 


3:00pm: Afternoon break


3:30pm: User sessions


May 10, 2017

9:00am: Training breakout sessions 


10:00am: Morning break


10:30am: User sessions 


11:00am: Training breakout sessions


Times and agenda items are subject to change. 

Training breakout sessions

1-hour training sessions.

Choose 3 of the following breakout sessions to attend on May 9 and 10.

    • Phocas 101
    • Phocas extras
    • DB Designer
    • administration
    • dashboards
    • lightning topics
    • advanced search
    • custom mode
See training session descriptions here


User sessions

30-minute user sessions.

Choose 4 of the following sessions to attend on May 9 and 10.

  • developing KPIs
  • Phocas 2016 hidden features
  • DB Designer tips and tricks
  • make Phocas weird - create unusual databases
  • why budgeting is beneficial
  • RF Scanner Database demonstration

  • rebates
  • Phocas financial reporting
  • matrix mode
  • GL account groupings
  • combining streams
  • think outside the box with Phocas
See user session descriptions here