Wistia video thumbnail - 2015 03 Pronto ERP - Sales & Finance [Data Source]


Watch the video above to see how you can quickly and easily analyse your sales, stock and financial data. 


Hundreds of Pronto ERP customers across Australia and New Zealand are using Phocas to answer the below questions:  


Typical questions for Sales:
  • What are my customers buying?  What are they NOT buying?
  • What customers are trending upwards in last 3 months?  Which ones are down?
  • What customers have stopped buying?
  • What percentage of my customers have ordered from me this month?
  • What products are increasing in sales but declining in margin?
  • Who are my most profitable accounts?  Most profitable products?
  • Where are my cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?
  • Are the sales reps pushing the new products or current promotions?
Typical questions for Finance:
  • Where did the cash go? Dividends paid, increase in debtors/inventory, etc.
  • Who's performing and who's not? Branches and Subsidiaries etc.
  • How can cash flow be improved?
  • Where are our overheads increasing greater than revenues?
  • How can overhead costs be allocated to departments (Activity based costing)?
  • Who needs to be paid profit based commissions?
  • How to quickly and easily create a spreadsheet to aid divisional managers produce next years budget?
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