Jessica Brown, Senior Account Manager, Phocas UK Ltd.

As with the rest of the world, over the last few years the UK has been experiencing the lows (and sometimes highs) of the economic down turn. A year or so ago, Phocas Business Intelligence Software was identified by The Telegraph as one of the UK’s Top 1,000 mid-sized companies to have weathered the recent economic storm and would join other inspirational companies to help pathe the way out of the recession. This in itself is pretty incredible but what happened next was the icing on the cake; The Telegraph invited Phocas to take part in a video interview for their website last month.

As we find ourselves in a more positive market and as the economy continues to grow, it was a delight and an honour to take part in something that would help to spread positivity within the commercial arena. The Telegraph's wonderful team came to our offices to video interview some of our great staff and a few of our many delighted customers. There was a real buzz of excitement and intrigue in the office that day. Desks were tidied and everyone made sure they looked their best in case the camera panned in their direction. Almost everyone took part in the video in some way or another and it was fantastic to see everyone so energized and positively vocal about Phocas.   

I personally took part in the interview and aside from being a little nervous about my camera appearance (even though it wasn’t my debut I might add!) The Telegraph team were insistent that all interviewees had no prior knowledge of the questions that would be asked which meant every answer was honest, open and in my case, pretty passionate and frank. Thankfully the excellent editing team were able to cut my stutters and stumbles and piece everyone’s interviews together so that it all flowed rather wonderfully.

The end result was an amazing video (above) which provides a really nice behind the scenes look into Phocas, the staff who keep it moving forward and most importantly some feedback from our more than satisfied customers. I just hope everyone enjoys viewing the video as much as I enjoyed taking part in it. Phocas is a great company to work for and I am so pleased our customers love it just as much as I do.