September 29, 2022

Budget with non-financial drivers, column customization, and more

Capture non-financial drivers in your budget, customize financial statement columns and flexible layouts, improved summary charts plus more new features (8.1.19)

Budgeting & forecasting

Integrate non-financial drivers into your budget

Bring multiple financial and non-financial drivers (sales, inventory, purchasing, etc.) into the same budget and configure formulas to show data relationships and causal effects.

BF Sep 22 - Cloned BudgetsMake budget copies more efficiently

Make a duplicate of the budget for the same period to model different scenarios or copy an existing budget forward to bring values and references as a starting point for a new budget period.

Add more levels to the budget worksheet

Create budget hierarchy levels for up to six dimensions (previously 4) in the budget setup.

BF Sep 22 - Increase in workbook levels

Budget faster by copying cells forward in multiple rows

Select multiple cells in different rows and copy their respective values forward until the end of the period.

BF Sep 22 - Copy forward multiple rows

Sort budget rows for better viewing

Sort budget rows on the total or period column. This can be done in ascending, descending, and natural (account code) order.

BF Sep 22 - Sort functionality

Undo bulk actions with a click

Undo bulk actions in the budget worksheet using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Z

More flexibility to present financial statements that suit your business

Customize the column layout to compare and contrast performance across different time periods and variances on the face of your financial statements.

Create custom statement views to keep conversations focused

Create custom statement views by choosing which elements of your statement to show and hide for a more isolated analysis.

Track and monitor key performance metrics directly in a single view

Add single accounts to statements for even more analysis and calculations.


Refreshed summary chart and new summary ring

Visualize key metrics on your dashboard with an improved summary chart and new ring chart available from the charts and widgets tab.

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