Gateway Supply uses Business Intelligence Software to Deliver Business Insight

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Phocas allows us to zero in on what might be causing a problem and gives us the ability to look deeper into it,” Chris Williams, President, Gateway Supply Company.

Company:  Gateway Supply Co. 
Industry:  Plumbing Supplies
Country:  USA
ERP:  Epicor Eclipse 

Gateway use Phocas as a Tool for Actiondive

Gateway Supply Company, headquartered in Columbia South Carolina, operates in 14 different locations, supplying plumbers and air conditioning/ heating providers with over 18,000 items. They employ some 135 staff and operate one central warehouse that supplies all of their branch locations.

Gateway Supply are committed to providing superior customer service through continuous inventory availability and vast product knowledge. To be able to do this they need to have a strong understanding of what’s happening in their business and why. They use Phocas business intelligence to report and analyze on all areas of their business giving them one view of the truth.

Delivering Insights They Can Action

“We use Phocas as a tool for action. When most people implement a BI (Business Intelligence) solution, they look at the reports and say, 'wow', I didn’t know that was happening.  Phocas allows us to act on the issues, problems or opportunities we discover,” comments Chris Williams, President of Gateway Supply Company.

“Phocas allows us to zero in on what might be causing a problem and gives us the ability to look deeper into it. We can see what’s going in the company more clearly. But more importantly the insight it gives us allows us to take action and change behaviours where necessary”.

Prior to using Phocas, Gateway was using a BI tool supplied by MITS, which wasn’t fulfilling all of their requirements. It also required involvement from IT to build and customize the reports. “We were impressed by the speed of Phocas and how flexible it was. We implemented it across all areas of the business to report on sales, inventory, cash receivables and general ledger.”


Gateway Supply have been using Phocas now for over four years. It’s flexibility, speed and ease-of-use has delivered a number of benefits to the organization.

“Phocas offers us plenty of flexibility. We can take the data we’re downloading and create new functions from that data using mathematical equations, to discover more about our business and take some positive action.”

“One very tangible benefit we have gained from Phocas is improved margins. In the last year we installed a new fiscal reporting module. With this we improved our margins by three-quarters of a percent by being able to examine the data and what our customers buy.”

Into the Future

They recently implemented the dashboards feature of Phocas which provides managers and executives with quick visual information. The dashboards offer a quick guide to how sales and the business is tracking.

Gateway are using the reports and analytical insights they gain from Phocas to benchmark the performance of their organization against industry standards.  Williams elaborates, “Phocas is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday operations. We are working on a new download to measure the basic business metrics of our company and benchmarking them against industry standards.”

Phocas has helped Gateway Supply Company get a better view of its business, improve efficiency and make better decisions. The insights gained have led to positive action.

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