How KLN Brands support 11% growth and move forward with Phocas

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Scaling and expanding are daunting challenges for any organization, but this midwest manufacturer has found the key for this quandary. 
KLN Family Brands, known for high-quality pet products and confections, is achieving growth most companies only dream of. 

“Demand is high for our pet products and confections, approaching 200,000 more units from the start of 2021, an 11% increase, which means we’re moving much higher volumes,” says Lance Schultz, IT Director for KLN.  

The company is also expanding lines of business and recently started constructing a plant for higher moisture products, such as canned dog food. KLN needed to prepare for its future and better be able to stay on top of high transaction volumes.

“We’re already processing around 650,000 transactions every four weeks through IFS and generating immense amounts of data, which will further increase as we add new products,” Schultz shares.  

To say that KLN is moving at a fast pace would be an understatement, but the company needed real-time insights available to people across the organization to support that growth. Unfortunately, the company had tried a variety of solutions in the past and hadn’t found a good fit. 

“Over the years, we’ve tried a lot of different things with data and reporting for our salespeople. Some have worked, while others have not,” Schultz shares.


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That all changed when Schultz found Phocas. “You learn as you go what your sales team needs as they go out into the market, and when we saw Phocas, we knew it was a layup,” he shares. “Our people are starting to use it more, and as they do, they get a little hungrier for answers to more questions and getting more information.” 

“We know Phocas works, and we are confident that we can use the solution to help manage our production lines in the most profitable ways possible. If we’re already over capacity, what should we make? We now have a solution that will help us to quickly answer that question, identify the sales numbers and give our manufacturing team the information they need to make more profitable decisions.”

Looking toward the future, Schultz sees a lot of promise 

“Thanks to Phocas, I think data is going to be a real focus for us moving forward,” he says.  

 That includes expanding the use of Phocas among the leadership team and integrating more financial information into the system. 

“My goal is to get our accounting team to move all of our financial statements into Phocas,” he explains. “We're fairly complicated with our corporate structure, number of product lines, different P&L, and balance sheets, so there are a lot of complexities that we will need to work through.”

But that complexity isn’t discouraging Schultz.

“I feel confident that we're going to get there with Phocas” he shares. “Once we do, we can dive into the financials and leverage this easy-to-use tool to make decisions.

In addition to integrating the financial data, Schultz sees an opportunity to use Phocas to help with SKU rationalizations and manage production lines. For KLN, the future is bright with Phocas. 

Curious to see how this works in practice? Get a taste for timely, accurate, insightful financial forecasts with a free guided trial of Phocas.

About KLN Family Brands 

KLN Family Brands is a manufacturing company with headquarters in Minnesota. The family-owned business produces super-premium pet foot that serves the specialty pet market, and confections such as branded gummies, popcorn and licorice. KLN sells nearly 2,000 SKUs in retailers nationwide, as well as in Europe, Asia and Canada.  

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