Riley Sales gets Self-Service Analysis with Phocas BI

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Riley Sales has everything you need to heat and cool your home, business or office, stocking a complete line of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and industrial supplies, tools, equipment and machinery for residential and commercial applications.

forecasting business intelligenceRiley Sales have been using the Infor FACTS ERP system for a number of years and turned to Phocas for their Business Intelligence solution.

“Phocas has been fantastic. I just don’t have the time to pore over reports, whereas Phocas takes seconds to zero-in on the key areas of the business for maximum financial impact!” says Michael Riley, President Riley Sales.

Phocas Co-Founder, Myles Glashier describes the zeroing in on data as Self-Service Analysis. While Phocas delivers reports, KPIs and dashboards like other BI systems, its point of difference is in its ability to instantly deliver answers to any question the user has, and do it on the spot without the need for time consuming custom report generation or IT input.

It is this level of simplicity that Riley Sales believes makes Phocas stand out from the crowd. There is no need to create hundreds of bespoke reports when you can have a simple-to-use interface that, with a few clicks, gets you to where you need to be in your data.

A trend that is emerging among Phocas users is the ability to spot opportunities, even when sales are up, says Glashier. Phocas encourages users to explore the data, following their own instincts and interests, and that is exactly what has happened at Riley Sales.

Riley asserts that a memorable “incident showed that even if a customer is up on last year there is still room for improvement. Using Phocas with the Branch Manager, Phocas showed that although this customer was up on last year, they had stopped buying one of our key ranges of product. That surprised me as we have a good relationship with that customer. It turns out a Purchasing Agent had chosen a competitor’s product based on pricing. But their price savings were far outweighed by the costs of doing business with an extra supplier so we won this business without sacrificing any margin.”

“Phocas takes seconds to zero-in on the key areas of the business for maximum financial impact,” Michael Riley, President, Riley Sales

Such an actionable result was exactly what Riley was after. “The end result was an additional $100,000 in business”, Riley states. "An excellent result that represents immediate ROI – and proves that Phocas has already paid for itself many times over. Even better, this was not an isolated incident. “There have been a number of specific instances where Phocas has made a tremendous impact on our bottom line,” claims Michael.

Michael concludes with the simple comment that “for a busy company like Riley Sales, Phocas is the most effective way to increase sales and margin with the least amount of effort.”



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