Phocas, the 'True-Solution' for Easier Access for Pronto ERP Data

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In today’s business environment with changes happening very quickly, day-to-day and strategic decisions have to be made just as quick.

Over the past 15 years, True Solutions International has become the leading anti-ageing, wellness and MediSpa supplier to the professional beauty aesthetics’ market.

True Solutions International distributes the world’s best superceutical and cosmeceutical brands, aromatherapy, organic skincare, suncare products, and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Light Therapy to the professional aesthetic and medical markets, department stores and high-end pharmacies.

In order to remain competitive and operate efficiently, True Solutions needed to get better visibility of their sales data sitting in their Pronto ERP.  They wanted easier access to up-to-date data.  So they went ahead and implemented a business intelligence solution through Phocas Software.

Prior to using Phocas, True Solutions would write queries for their Pronto ERP system and then export in Excel for further data manipulation.  The problem with this process explains GM Neil Rheinberger "previously you would have to export the data to spreadsheets, then manipulate data and perform V-lookups for each report.  When you wanted to look at the numbers again, you had to do it all over again.  This wastes a lot time and the numbers may not end up telling you what you are looking for."

The risk associated that this process creates is that it makes room for human error and can leave you with incorrect data.  Or it requires the user to have advanced technical skills, which creates a dependence on those 1 or 2 people to create reports for everyone else.  “We have been looking for a data analytics tools for a couple years now.   When I first saw a demo of Phocas, I thought FANTASTIC!  When can I have it?”

After having looked at the incumbent BI tool for Pronto, the costs were too prohibitive and led them to look elsewhere.  With the out-of-the-box integration between Phocas and Pronto “the whole experience with Phocas has been very simple.   A quick implementation, with some introductory training and we were off using the tool quicker than expected”.  

I asked Neil what was one of the biggest contributions that Phocas has been able to provide True Solutions, he immediately rhymed off that “Phocas has significantly improved productivity all with a click of a button.  I can now instantly access an up to date snap shot of my business vs having to refer to 3-5 reports.  It is miles ahead of any other product.”

In today’s business environment with changes happening very quickly, day-to-day and strategic decisions have to be made just as quick.  Phocas has enabled Neil and his colleagues at True Solutions to make those decisions quickly, based on ture insight from their data rather than having to wait for a report to be created, or based on gut feel.    

True-Solutions International have found a true solution for their data.

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