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If you’re a UBT Community business and you make, move or sell lots of products you already have a lot on your plate. Data shouldn't be one more thing for you to worry about.

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UBT members love data-based decisions

Clear, actionable insight into key performance areas across teams and business units is key to strong leadership. Phocas delivers a streamlined view of product, market and budget data as a single reference point to take your data based decision-making up a notch.

“Phocas is great to work with and their solution is incredibly flexible and easy to use. We are now leveraging our business data to gain better visibility across sales, marketing and finance – and we look forward to extending this visibility to stock and purchasing!”
- Simon Taylor, Head of Finance at UBT UK

Learn how Stewart's concentrates on profitability with Phocas.
"Margin awareness has been revolutionary with Phocas, and we are much more conscious of what money we are making."
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Phocas + UBT

Join the many UBT members that rely on Phocas to get more value and business insights from their data


Phocas + UBT

Data analytics solutions for UBT members

Adaptive, ad-hoc reporting and analysis. From high-level dashboards to underlying details, Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Get instant, focused and visual data when you need it.


Systematic, proactive analysis

Phocas makes it simple for your users of all skill levels to review metrics, find actionable insights and determine the best course of action for your customers and your company.

Faster decision making Give your teams the tools to fact-find, report and track performance to save time and money, grow revenue and be a stronger workplace.
Empowered teams Leadership decisions that come from instinct alone don't empower a growing team. But access to a truly useful single source of truth does.
Clearer goals BI software helps you set goals, delegate, enable your teams and keep stakeholders accountable. Create and optimize your KPIs to grow smarter.
A perfect match

Integration with most ERPs

  • Simple to use
  • Cloud-based, secure platform
  • Syncs multiple data sources
  • Built-in metrics for key industries
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Ability to drill into the data and follow train of thought


An award-winning trusted UBT partner

Capterra Top 20

4.8/5 software review rating

BARC 2019

Top-ranked in 34 categories

G2 Crowd

High performer Summer 2020


Top-ranked business intelligence and dashboard software


Best value for money dashboard software

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Clever dashboards

See everything from suppliers, locations, products, sales, stock holding to salespeople.
See what's happening in the moment on clever dashboards.


  Have a play... click on something in a table or graph and press Focus in the top left to isolate the data points on your area of interest. Reset to start again.

Get benefits like these UBT members

Phocas just makes our jobs easier.
We can find value in our data in a matter of minutes.

Sheldon Barter | Project Manager
Wessex Packaging

Sheldon Barter

Phocas alerts notify us of inactive and cold customers among other trends. With a click of a button, we can review a customer's account, and determine whether or not we should be concerned.

Barry Taylor | Operations Manager

Barry Taylor

We selected Phocas because of its flexibility and the ability we have to customise the software to fit the various needs of our department.

Tom Francis | Managing Director
Obex Protection

Tom Francis

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Is Phocas a match for your UBT Community business?

See it to believe it Customers say when they saw what was possible and how easy it is to get started with Phocas, they were blown away. Take some time to tell us more about what your business needs and we’ll see if we can help.
Helpful advice We have grown up with businesses that make, move and sell products and have a lot of data. Our consultants aim to explain your options as a trusted advisor in this data heavy space.
What it takes to get Phocas Even if your data is a mess, you think you’ve got it licked with Excel, it’s in your too hard basket or someday maybe list. Carve out 30 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt a best of breed BI software on and learn what you stand to gain.