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Adaptive, ad-hoc reporting and analysis. From high-level dashboards to underlying details, Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Get instant, focused and visual data when you need it.

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Provide direction and keep teams focused on goals with actionable insight to support key performance areas.
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Make quick, strategic decisions about your business based on clear goals, plans and collaboration.
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Gain real value from your data — customized to the needs of your business — without hours of manual setup.
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If they don’t have access to their dashboards there’s a state of panic. We rely on and love using Phocas so it is a huge part of our business. It lets them know how well we’re on track and there’s a lot of company-wide goals that we have that we use Phocas for to really give us the absolute accurate numbers that we need.

Gordon Howell

Data engineer, LSC

Using Phocas makes me feel like I am completely in control of what’s going on and the amount of knowledge that I can easily gain with a few clicks is just absolutely phenomenal.

Nicola Harris

Financial analyst, ConvaTec

Phocas helps us a lot with our data analytics, it’s fantastic for distributor insights. It helps us with our forecasting as well our historical data and from that we get to make some pretty quick decisions.

Chris Douglas

National Channel Manager, uvex

Using Phocas it gives an awareness of what products are selling in the store and whether they should move a product front of house or back of house based on the sell-through.

Peter Denison

Chief Information Officer, Gazman

Because of the speed of Phocas, my decision making is probably a lot more calmer. Phocas just gives you that confidence.

Warren McMartin

Managing director, Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment

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