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If you make, move or sell lots of products you already have a lot on your plate. Data shouldn't be one more thing for you to worry about.

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Adaptive, ad-hoc reporting and analysis. From high-level dashboards to underlying details, Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Get instant, focused and visual data when you need it.

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Provide direction and keep teams focused on goals with actionable insight to support key performance areas.
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To plan
Make quick, strategic decisions about your business based on clear goals, plans and collaboration.
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Gain real value from your data — customized to the needs of your business — without hours of manual setup.
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Capterra Shortlist

Top-ranked BI, dashboard and statistical analysis software


Top-ranked BI, dashboard
and reporting software


A valuable product of 2020

G2 Crowd

Leader Winter 2021

Capterra Top 20

4.8/5 software review rating

BARC 2019

Top-ranked in 34 categories

Phocas solutions, focused on results


It’s one of the better tools that I’ve seen. It has so much flexibility and allows you to do so many different things with your data.

Nick Deccio

Controller Custom Parts and Equipments, Crescent Parts and Equipment


People can just use Phocas, they can write their own reports, they can use prefab reports set up by somebody else. It made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company.

David Lowenstein

Vendor Relations, Billows Electric Supply


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it.

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply – Kenilworth Group


With Phocas, we get results immediately, within seconds, whereas before we'd have to wait two hours.

Todd Mills

Sales, DGI Supply


Data-driven decisions are important, and having the data be so easily accessible is the only way to get people to start to change their culture toward that.

Robert Wright

Senior Application Developer and Analyst, Behler-Young

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