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Learning module

Phocas for new users

4 videos
12:02 total

This module for beginners takes you through getting started in Phocas and doing some simple analysis to get fast results from your data. These videos introduce you to features that you will be using every day.

  • Video 1: Phocas quickstart
  • Video 2: Select and change periods
  • Video 3: Save a favorite
  • Video 4: Freeze the properties column
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Learning module


5 videos
11:33 total

Switching from grid to chart view opens up options for various graphical presentation of your data. This module covers basic chart setup through to advanced configuration, with a detailed look at some chart types.

  • Video 1: Turn data into a chart
  • Video 2: Chart options
  • Video 3: Bullet charts
  • Video 4: Summary charts 1
  • Video 5: Summary charts 2
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Learning module

Administration: Setting up users

6 videos
18:08 total

This module covers the essentials of setting up new users in Phocas. Add users, set passwords and manage access to data via restrictions, profiles and permissions.

  • Video 1: Create a new user
  • Video 2: Clone a user
  • Video 3: Manage site-wide profiles
  • Video 4: Manage user-specific profiles
  • Video 5: Manage user restrictions
  • Video 6: Reset and expire passwords
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Learning module

Administration: Profiles, permissions and restrictions

3 videos
9:22 total

A user's profile determines what they can do in Phocas. This module covers assigning profiles and permissions to groups of users or individuals.

  • Video 1: Manage site-wide profiles
  • Video 2: Manage user-specific profiles
  • Video 3: Manage user restrictions
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