Meet the team
Paul Magee Chairman Phocas Group, co-founder, managing director Phocas UK

Phocas is the most exciting and rewarding company I’ve ever worked for

Craig Medlyn AU
Craig Medlyn
Angel Willis
Andy Fox
Myles Glashier co-founder, chief strategy officer, 
Phocas Group
Anthony D’Amico
Paul Robertson
Lee Konrath
Dave Martindale
Sean Morley Co-founder, president USA, 
Phocas Group
Carol Vieira
Valerie MacFarlane
Jacob Taylor
Shiona Martyr
Steve Davis
Phil Dodds chief executive officer, Phocas Group
Steve Cudars
Will Marriott
Rebecca Stares

A pretty laid back and chilled place to work

Tulbir Dosanjh
Steve Parry
Sheriza Baksh
Stewart Wood

Varied tasks and diverse range of clients make working at Phocas simply great

Justin Toh AU
Scott Mitselberg
Cathi Hill
Cale Bannister
Angela Kent chief marketing officer, Phocas Group
Bill Allen
Matt Ananin
Cameron Finch
Damien O’Dea
Ed Smith
Tim Leonard vice-president product and design, Phocas Group
Sally Kable
Pam Grimley
Paul O’Mahony
Peter Nicholson
Cody Lockery
Stewart Irwin chief financial officer, Phocas Group
Breanna Caughlan
Armando Lozada
Rebecca Bills
Anne Louise Thorbecke
Luke Kentwell
Rick Toepfer managing director, Phocas Australia
Melissa Fox
Michael Grant business development director, Phocas Australia
Brian Costello
Nicolas Servouse
Jason Birch senior vice-president, partner alliance, Phocas Group
Marian Moyer
Marc Fielding
Akos Gyori
Kirandeep Ark
Samia Jarrar
Elizabeth LaBarbera vice-president, customer success, Phocas US
Alex Des-Forges
Paul Lovegrove
Alkesh Vaghela
Andy Bass
Kim King

A bit like working with circus monkeys (well trained professionals who are fun to work with)

Steve Hoffman vice-president product and platform, 
Phocas AU
Liam Hughes
Sam Howarth
John Sefton
Justin Toh
Robbie Scott
Gary Warner managing director, Phocas Cloud
Eric Middleton

Working from home - ‘Woo hoo, pajamas all day!

David Chambers
Kelly Perkins
Jason Lyons
Jason Human operations director, Phocas UK
Hartaj Dhanju
Will Ferguson
Scott Nalder

The favorite part of my job: flexibility to work at 10pm

Extremely enjoyable - it's a fun, relaxed environment

Jessica Brown
Jamie Parker
Helen Gosper
Divya Manohar
Himanshu Sharma
Tom Twaddle
Andrew Fairhurst
Dylan Frecklington
Jamie Brooks vice-president, sales and marketing, 
Phocas US
Jason Law
Abinaya Reddy
Dan Guzman
Erin Cullen

It's like distributing honey at the teddy bear's picnic

Nejah Younes
Cody Killam
Patrick Doherty vice-president, operations and people
Ryan Thym
Chris Howard
Mark Situ

I’m lucky enough to be able to count both, customers and colleagues as friends now. That makes the job very special

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