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Founded in 2001, Phocas is a privately owned and self-funded team of passionate professionals who are committed to helping people feel good about their data. Today we have grown to serve over 1,700 companies and roughly 20,000 people, who rely on our software to complement ERP functionality and manage business operations.

We serve both midmarket and enterprise customers, who appreciate our tailored, industry-focused solutions that simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools, and revolutionize the way they interact with their own information.

We develop and support customer businesses with software that is simple, elegant and can serve departments and roles throughout the organization. Phocas changes the way people think and work, and makes it easier for them to be decisive and operate with confidence.


Phocas makes people feel good about data


Industry recognition and reviews

Capterra Shortlist

Top-ranked BI, dashboard and statistical analysis software


Top-ranked BI, dashboard
and reporting software


A valuable product of 2020

G2 Crowd

Leader Fall 2021

Capterra Top 20

4.8/5 software review rating

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Phocas makes me feel like I am in control of what’s going on and the amount of knowledge that I can easily gain is phenomenal.

Nicola Harris


It’s one of the better tools that I’ve seen. It has so much flexibility and allows you to do so many different things with your data.

Nick Deccio

Crescent Parts and Equipment

I’d recommend Phocas for the timesaving and the cost-saving. Whichever way you look there’s a benefit, worth its weight in gold.

Chris Journet


If they don’t have access to their dashboards there’s a state of panic. We rely on and love using Phocas so it is a huge part of our business.

Gordon Howell


Data-driven decisions are important, and having the data easily accessible is the only way to change the culture toward that.

Robert Wright


Phocas culture


Our team of 275 people located across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America live by our company values: “fun, fulfilling, forever.” We foster a culture where people feel good coming into work every day, and to feel like they make a difference in the lives and business of our customers.

Maintaining a healthy culture has always been a priority. Staying true to our values, we’ve successfully developed better products, forged great customer and partner relationships and built a remarkable company to work at. In 2019 Phocas won the Culture Transformation Award from Human Synergistics in recognition of our constructive and positive culture.


4.8/5 stars

Human Synergistics

Culture Transformation Achievement Awards

Human Synergistics

Culture Sustainability
Awards 2021

"The entire Phocas team displays a great culture which leaves a positive impression. It's a terrific organization to partner with for data analytics." 

Nicholas Aversano, Vice President of Operations Trade Supply Group




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