Accurate, efficient, profitable rebates

Let’s face it, manually tracking and managing multiple rebate programs is a logistical nightmare. Manual data updates and calculations are error-prone and drain valuable resources. If you’re managing rebates without proper analysis, how do you know if you’re maximizing their full potential?

Phocas Rebates puts you in complete control.

Accurate, efficient, profitable rebates

Unlock your full rebates potential

Ensure accuracy

Calculations you can trust

Now we have an automated rebates program, so every morning I can see whatever I need. All this work was being done manually, and by changing this and getting a new system we have found issues with what we were doing previously, and we have streamlined them. The automation has taken out hours of processing time."  
Gain efficiencies

Automated rebate management


Phocas customers reaping the rewards

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Protect margins

Powerful analytics

Before Phocas, we were less likely to use sales rebates as a tool as it was so cumbersome to provide information to the customer and track ourselves. Now our sales people know this is a tool they can use when selling."
Drive growth

Proactively seek opportunities

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